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5 Secrets You Can Use To Sell Your House in Massachusetts

Have you been considering selling your home in Massachusetts? It’s important that you know there is more than one way for you to do it! And knowing the differences just might save you thousands of dollars! It can also reduce the stress that normally comes with the sale of your home. At Summit Buys Houses, … Continued
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5 Ways To Move On From Your Tyngsboro House

It goes without saying that as the years go on your needs will change. And this most likely will include what type of house you live in. The one that you lived in at age 35 may not necessarily be the one you still want at age 65. Paying a mortgage on an unwanted house … Continued
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Sell Your House In Lowell Right Now With These 5 Tips!

Are you looking for the quickest way to sell your Lowell house, rental unit, or condo right now? There are a number of things you may not have considered about the selling process. In this post, we will provide you with the important information you need to think about before you decide on the most … Continued
Cash Home Buyers In Lowell

One Step Safeguards Your Family From The Spread of COVID-19 in Lowell

Well, we’re this far into the pandemic and admittedly everyone is getting tired of it—so, so soooo tired! The constant barrage of news, closings, and changes in government warnings has gotten everybody’s nerves frayed.  The State of Massachusetts’ website shows that Lowell is one of the higher-risk areas of our state. And yet, the single, MOST IMPORTANT and simple thing you and your family can do to stay safe is this: wash your hands the right way! So today, we’re going to shift gears a bit. Instead of writing like we usually do about real estate news and tips to maximize your profits when you sell your house, we’re providing you with this simple infographic that shows everyone exactly how health experts recommend we wash our hands.  I’ve found that this infographic is so easy to share with others! Please share it out with everyone you think could use this information! It is especially useful for children and teens since they are the ones most likely to skip over a thorough hand … Continued
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Expect These 6 Holding Costs For An Inherited House in Tewksbury

“Summit Buys Houses” is an experienced LLC incorporated as Summit RE Group LLC. We buy property all over Massachusetts in towns such as like Tewksbury, Ayer, Fitchburg, Malden, and Westford to name just a few. Contact us for a quick and confidential, no-obligation cash offer and the best, no-pressure advice if you’re interested in selling your … Continued