“Can I Really Sell My Massachusetts House Fast For Cash?”

Yes You Can! Here’s Why…

Because we buy houses in Massachusetts with cash! That means no waiting for banks, agents, open houses or property inspections. This simplifies everything and lets you to put cash back in your own wallet and close on the day you decide is best.

We Offer Fast Cash For Your MA House.

Easy As
We Make It Simple, Safe And Fast To Sell Your MA House. We Are Legitimate Massachusetts Home Buyers. We Buy Property In MA For Cash.

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Give Me The Bottom Line.
Is Selling My House Really
As Fast & Easy as
We Make It Simple, Safe And Fast To Sell Your MA House. We Are Legitimate Massachusetts Home Buyers. We Buy Property In MA For Cash. ?

“You explained the basic steps, but what actually happens from start to finish?”

Selling your house fast for cash is a big step! We understand that and have nothing to hide from you.

Take the time now…

to learn all you can about your choices before you make a decision.

Here are all the steps—from start to finish—about how the house buying process works. There is a lot of detail, but you will be an expert when you’re done. This knowledge gives you the power to make a good choice!

We want to be fully transparent and honestly believe that as “The Local Guys” we are a “customer first” company that is a good fit for you when you decide to sell your house fast.

“Is Selling My
House Fast For Cash
The Best Choice?”

It’s In Our Best Interest to Give You
The Highest Possible Cash Offer.

Why We Do That…

A lot of those “We Buy Junky Houses” companies will give you a lowball offer because they don’t try very hard. If you don’t like it—they just go to the next guy. That makes no sense to us. We take a lot of time to analyze your house and drive all over New England checking neighborhoods. If you don’t accept our offer—we have wasted our time and yours!

And How Does That Work Exactly?

Our cash offer to purchase your house is built on what is called the “After Repair Value” of your property. This simply means we start with what the value of your property will be after we completely clean and fix it up when it’s “Showroom Ready”. As you’ll see below, we use that value to calculate your offer.

Everybody Wants An Answer To
This Question…

So How Much Will You Give Me for My House?

It is THE all-important question-right? Well here’s a detailed answer for you, because we believe in being fully transparent when dealing with our clients. We hope you’ll take the time to read this because you will clearly understand exactly how we make our offers and most importantly—if our offer to buy your house for cash is the best choice for you.

take 3 simple steps

Let’s imagine you live next door to a neighbor who has a house that is identical to yours. It has the same number of bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms, and even has the same size yard. The big difference between the 2 houses is that over the years your neighbor has put in new kitchen cabinets with granite countertops. She also updated the bathrooms, put in hardwood floors, and a new roof and had everything inside repainted.

take 3 simple steps

Now let’s imagine your neighbor decides to sell her house. She cleans everything up, gets all the clutter removed, repaints anything that looks old, and in general—gets the house what real estate agents like to call “Showroom Ready”. The house is in such good shape that all a new buyer has to do is move in their furniture and sheets—all the work and cleaning have been done.

take 3 simple steps

So your neighbor hires a real estate agent. After 3 to 4 weeks of the agent bringing buyers through the house every day, your neighbor accepts an offer for $300,000. After another 6 to 8 weeks the buyers have a loan approved by their bank and the house sells to them for $300,000. Because of the pristine condition of that house, we now say that the After Repair Value of the house is $300,000.

Now What Do We Know?

We now know that if we make similar repairs and upgrades to your house like your neighbor did (after we buy it from you of course)—the After Repair Value (ARV) of your house would also be $300,000.

And So…

We know the ARV of your house ($300,000 in our example) and we’ve calculated how much it will cost for us to make repairs and upgrades. With those 2 numbers, we can make you a cash offer that works for us. If you feel this offer also works for you—AWESOME! We have a ‘win-win” situation. We purchase your property and you get your cash at the closing.

And This Is So Important To You…

Our offer to you is based on the exact real estate market value numbers in your neighborhood, not on some “lowball” formula all those national “We Buy Houses” companies rely on to stay in business. This is why “The Local Guys'” cash offer will always be higher!

Sell Your House for Cash-
The Easy Math You Need to Know

Here is Our Cash Offer to You:

We strongly believe that honesty and transparency are the best ways to run our business (and to sleep well at night). So below is the simple equation that we will use to calculate your offer;

Your Cash Offer = (After Repair Value) – (Our Cost of Repairs/Selling) – (Our Minimum Profit)

Give It to Me in English Please!!

Take the market value of the house (after we do our upgrades) and subtract our costs and profit—that is equal to the dollar amount we offer you. Simple – isn’t it? Maybe you want to see a real-life example?

Fast Cash For Your House-
Here Are The Genuine Numbers From a Successful Sale…

Let us share with you a real house we recently bought for cash in the Centralville section of Lowell, MA.

take 3 simple steps OK once again, let’s imagine this is your house as it looks right now…

Kitchen in Need of Updates

Not too bad – right? Yes, it needs some tender loving care. But mostly it’s just outdated…

take 3 simple steps So remember the neighbor’s house that we talked about above? It’s identical to yours but they had an updated kitchen, granite countertops, a new roof, new carpets, hardwood floors, and paint. Here’s what their house looked like when they were ready to sell:

Kitchen With All the Updates

take 3 simple steps It’s easy to see why the house sold for $300K. It is “Showroom Ready” with a new clean, modern style. Wow!

So What Do We Know Now?

We Buy Houses We now know that the house next door sold for $300,000. This is the After Repair Value we talked about. You can see by the picture that it is worth every cent of that.

We Buy Houses We also know that in order for us to sell your house for $300K (again-our house after we buy it from you) we need to invest some money, work, and time to bring it into the same condition as your neighbor’s.

Why Is That?

Because we won’t be able to resell your house the way it is right now for $300K. All the other houses that are sold in the neighborhood look similar to the picture above. If you were a buyer would you want a house like the first picture when a house like the second picture was the exact same price? No—it’s obvious everyone would want to buy the one that is updated.

So what would your next question be?

Well if the house will sell for $300K when it is updated and “Showroom Ready”,
how much would it sell for right now – as is?

Fast Cash For Your MA House-
Here Are The Details…

You really do owe to yourself to compare the options…

We Buy Houses Let’s say you contacted a real estate agent. They walk through the house with you, checking inside and out and getting a history of repairs and problems you might have had. After a day or two, they tell you that the house in its current condition can sell for $190K.

We Buy Houses You have also contacted the friendliest, most cooperative, high ranking and awesome home buyers in all of Massachusetts. (That’s Us !) If you haven’t contacted us yet, shame on you- it only takes a few minutes. When we walk through we work out what changes need to be made in order for the house to be “Showroom Ready” (like the picture below).

Here Is A Before And After Look At A House We Bought For Cash

We Buy Houses And we calculate it will cost us $69,789 for repairs and upgrades to get your house to look the same as your neighbor’s. That is our Cost of Repairs. (COR) (That honestly is exactly how much we ended up spending on this Lowell house pictured above).

We Buy Houses Finally, let’s estimate that our costs to resell the house after it’s been updated together with our minimum profit add up to $60,000. That is our Selling Costs & Profit.

Now We Are Ready to Make You an Offer!
Here are your numbers:

As-Is Value = $190K
After Repair Value = $300K
Our Cost of Repairs = $70K
Our Selling Costs & Profit = $60K

As You Can See—No Lowball Offers, No Games…

…we work by the numbers. We are simply adding all the numbers together. We always want to give you the highest offer we possibly can. Why? Because we want you to be happy with the offer so you will accept that offer and we can get busy working on our next project. That makes sense doesn’t it? A “Win for You-Win for Us” situation!

Analyzing Your Offer
How Much Cash Will You
Actually Make?

We now know a real estate agent can sell your house for $190K. But you will need to subtract the 6% agents’ fees of $11,400 from that amount. You also need to pay lawyer costs (usually between $1000 and $2000). And of course, the state wants their cut also. In Massachusetts, you’ll pay ± $900. In the end, you would walk away from the closing with about $174K. Of course, if you have a mortgage on the house, that amount has to be subtracted from this total also.

Now how long does it take to sell your house with an agent?

Let’s be very realistic. Even though the New England real estate market has been pretty healthy for some time, agents will need to walk through your house with at least 12-15 buyers before someone makes you an offer. After 2-4 weeks, you accept an offer. Your buyers always want a property inspection. That takes 1-2 weeks. If the inspector finds anything wrong, the buyers may ask you to pay for the repairs. When that is completed, the buyers will get a loan from a bank. The bank needs to determine if the buyers’ credit rating is strong enough to qualify for a loan. If it turns out their credit isn’t so good—you have to start all over and find a new buyer. If their credit is strong, the bank will then want an appraisal, title search and a host of other items before they agree to loan the money. This always takes at least 6-8 weeks. Banks hold all the gold so they make all the rules—they never rush this process.

It’s time for you to make a decision…

You have a written, guaranteed sale in as little as 10-20 days for a price of $170,000


Maybe you sell for a price of $174K in about 4 or 5 months.

One Last Thing to Consider

What If The Cost of Repairs For Your House
Was Only $30K Instead of $70K?

This changes things in your favor! Now the offer looks like this:

As-Is Value = $190K
After Repair Value = $300K
Our Cost of Repairs = $30K
Our Selling Costs & Profit = $60K

Yes! You will make more money! This is a much better deal than selling with an agent, isn’t it?

Once again it’s important to understand…

We work by the numbers. There are no games, no lowball offers. We are simply adding all the numbers together. We always want to give you the highest offer we possibly can because that means you are going to do business with us. It’s a “Win for You-Win for Us” offer!

What Will Your Cash Offer Look Like

You Have Nothing To Lose By Getting Our Offer.
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Are Your Offers Actually Better?

We truly believe they are! But everyone says that, right? So let us show you why we believe we offer the highest possible dollar amount to everyone who contacts us to buy their house for cash

First.—we are in your neighborhood

We’re “The Local Guys”. This really does matter! The national “We Buy Houses” guys will not have the specific information we have. You only get that by being on your street and spending time in your town. We know your neighborhood, the schools, the travel times to highways, the taxes and everything else that determines how much a house can sell for. We also know how long it will take to sell a house in your neighborhood. These details all translate into higher offers because we’re not using the generic formulas like those big guys do.


We keep our costs low. This also matters to you! As we showed you above, the Cost of Repairs is an important part of the final equation. When our COR stays low, it means our offer to buy your house for cash goes up. We know the best places to buy renovation materials and work with contractors that give us good, competitive prices in exchange for the steady work we provide to them.

But wait, why go out of your way to give me more money?

Well, think about it for a second. We’re not angels. Our Cash Offers Are Better The bottom line is this; when we give you the highest offer—you accept our offer! And of course, that’s what we want. The more offers we get accepted the better our business runs. We are feeding our families, providing jobs, boosting the economy, and keeping our local neighborhoods strong and thriving.

It’s a “Win for You-Win for Us-Win for All” offer!

What Do People Just Like You Have to Say About Summit Buys Houses?

People Love Us and So Will You

Our Cash Offers Are Better These Are Real Results We Delivered Our Cash Offers Are Better
for Real People Like You.

We Buy Houses For Cash…
Get the Get the details on Cash For Your House

This Is How We Build Our Offer to Buy Your MA House

It’s In Our Best Interest to Give You Our Highest Possible Cash Offer.

Every week, we take the time to drive all over Massachusetts making sure we know the neighborhoods. We know the streets, the school systems, the distance to highways, the property tax rates—everything that goes into working out the best offer on your property. And all this legwork we do is 100% FREE to you. So if we gave you a ‘lowball’ offer like those national “We Buy Houses” companies do, all the time, effort, and money we spend would be completely wasted!

For this reason…

Summit Buys Houses only stays in business by getting our cash offers accepted by people just like you. And the only way we can do that is by giving you an offer you are happy with! We always do our best to give you the highest possible cash offer we can give. Please check our reviews. You’ll see why our clients are so pleased with our offers!

We hope all of this has helped educate you
and give you a better understanding of
what your best choice is when selling your house for cash.

If you’ve read our reviews above, you’ve seen that we ALWAYS treat our clients fairly, with respect, and with an understanding of what they want to accomplish. Most of the big “We Buy Houses” companies will never take the time to understand your situation. It’s all about numbers for them. They just call up some info on a page that tells them how low their offer to you will be. If you don’t like it…they move on to the next guy.

Not Us…We’re “The Local Guys” and
We’re in Your Neighborhood

Because we’re a local, family-owned company we understand the streets and towns of Massachusetts. We take our local market knowledge and build the best cash offer we can. The national companies can’t do that and frankly, they don’t have to. If you don’t like their offer they just move on! But we live here and know our reputation is built on treating you like a neighbor. So we take the effort to understand exactly what you need.

If this sounds like you let’s talk and see if selling your house to us for cash is the best choice for you! There is never any obligation of any kind.

Does This Sound Like You?

There are certain things most of our clients have in common…

  • They Want To Be Treated Fairly and with Respect
  • They Want Someone To Explain Exactly How The Process Works
  • They Don’t Have A Lot of Cash to Pay Agent Fees, Closing Costs, etc.
  • They Don’t Have Cash or Time to Clean and Repair Their Property
  • They May Need Help Finding a New Place to Live
  • They Want Someone Who Tailors A Cash Offer to Fit Their Situation
  • They Want Someone Who Delivers a Sale On Time As Promised

This is why Summit Buys Houses comes to you with a calm, no-pressure attitude. We listen to you and work to discover the best way to get your house sold and put cash in your hands. We walk you through each step of the process and make sure you feel comfortable doing business with us. And remember you can eliminate repairs and cleaning while saving on costly agent commissions and lawyer fees.

If there is no cost and no obligation to find out exactly how to sell your house now, why not take 2 minutes or less to contact us for a quick, confidential, no-obligation cash offer? We’ll begin working toward a cash offer right away. 

We Buy Houses For Cash In Any Condition

“Summit Buys Houses” is Summit RE Group LLC. We buy houses for cash in the Middlesex, Essex and Worcester Counties of Massachusetts. We also buy houses in the Rockingham, Hillsborough and Merrimack Counties of New Hampshire. If you want to sell your house fast for cash in any of these areas—contact us for a quick, confidential, no-obligation cash offer. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! We are ready to buy your property no matter what condition it is in or how quickly you might want to sell. We are not real estate agents and will never charge you fees of any kind when you work with us. Because we purchase with cash, you eliminate inspections, appraisals and bank approvals. We are ready to buy your house right now and can close on the day you decide is best! It all starts by filling in our form or calling us at (978) 254-3800.

Looking for a hassle-free way to sell your house ASAP? We offer a streamlined process of selling your home, no matter its condition. Click on “buy my house now” to learn more about how we buy houses in Massachusetts. You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about us and our services.

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