Selling A Distressed House in Lowell? The 4 Questions You Must Answer.

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Selling your house in Lowell, MA can be challenging and tension-filled no matter how prepared you are. But if your property has maintenance problems or is badly in need of major repairs, selling can become an emotional and financial roller coaster. If you find yourself in that position, read through this article. Because we buy houses in Lowell so frequently, we have a lot of experienced tips to pass on to you. We’ve collected our four most useful suggestions for you to use when selling your distressed property in Lowell Massachusetts.

In a very competitive real estate market like Massachusetts, potential buyers who come to your house from the MLS are usually seeking a house that’s in perfect condition and ready to move into with little or no repairs necessary. Unfortunately, if your house needs work or has problems like mold, a leaky roof, or termites, selling your property will become a nightmare. There are only a few buyers who would be interested in a Lowell house with those problems and typically they will insult you with incredibly low offers. To compound your problems, if the property sits on the market for a long time it will become harder and harder to sell because people will assume “nobody seems to want that house—I wonder what is wrong?”

What Is The Best Price?

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Before you put your Lowell house up for sale to the general public you need to determine as precisely as you can what the current market value of the house is. The most widely recognized way to do this is to run what is known as “comps” which stands for comparative sales. Here you look at homes located relatively near to your home that are about the same size and have most of the same features as yours. So in other words, if your house in Lowell has 1,625 sqaure feet of living space with 3 bedrooms, you look for homes that have recently sold within a mile of your house. They should also have between roughly 1,300 and 1,800 square feet of living space together with 3 bedrooms. This type of information about recently sold Lowell houses is fairly easy to come by on the real estate listing sites Zillow or Trulia.

Will My House Pass Inspection?

If you have serious concerns about the condition of your house, it may be well worth it to hire a professional Home Inspector.  A qualified inspector will be able to give you a more accurate picture of the repairs and problems in your house and may be able to give you at least educated estimates on how much it will cost to correct the problems you have. This way, after you’ve gathered the information about recently sold houses in Lowell to land at a realistic selling price, you can subtract the costs of the maintenance and repairs that need to be done to arrive at the final selling price for your house in Lowell.

Should I Sell To A Flipper?

Before selling your distressed Lowell property, you need to understand that the buyers you can attract will be very different from those who are looking for a “move-in” ready property. Your most likely buyers will be investors who are looking for a property they can renovate and then resell, commonly known as “flipping a house“. These house flippers purchase properties for cash no matter what kind of condition they’re in and then take the time and trouble to rehabilitate the property so that it is in absolutely perfect condition and most desirable to traditional homebuyers. While these professional cash buyers can be a good way for you to sell your own house— you should proceed with caution.

In recent years, because of television channels like HGTV and the DIY Network, they are now hordes of inexperienced amateurs who would’ve watched a few television shows and think they can come in and flip your house. If you’re approached by people like this, one of the first things you should check is if they have the cash in hand and are ready to buy your house, because many times they really don’t have the money to purchase. They’re hoping they will find an investor only after you agree to sell to them—this all spells headaches for you! You’re certainly within your rights to ask them for what is known as “proof of funds”. This is a formal letter on a lender’s letterhead that states this buyer has cash in waiting to make the sale as they promise.

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Will I Profit More From A Direct Sale?

If it’s time to sell your problem property in Lowell—we’ve saved the best tip for last. (Although we are quite biased we have to admit!). Summit Buys Houses is the most experienced and trusted home buyer in Lowell Massachusetts. We buy houses in any condition and we’re ready to purchase your property as soon as you’re ready to sell! We’re so very proud of our reputation and encourage you to check out our Lowell client reviews to see how satisfied the people who work with us are when they sell their house to us. When you type in the Google phrase, ” Companies that buy homes for cash”, you’ll see our name right near the top!

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Our team at Summit Buys Houses live and work right in the Lowell area and we’re very proud of the work we do to improve neighborhoods while boosting the local economy providing work for contractors and building suppliers while we do our renovation projects.

As your neighbors will do everything we can to give you the highest possible cash offer for your house. There are never any high-pressure sales and we work with you to find a sale price both of us believe is fair. As cash buyers in Lowell Massachusetts, we are more than happy to show you our proof of funds! This is the honest, straightforward way we’ve been operating since the beginning and are always backed by the cash we need to purchase your house smoothly and efficiently.

We buy homes fast, and deliver with a speedy, easy process. In that instance, you may want to consider selling your house to a cash buyer like Summit Buys Houses, because we buy houses in any condition in Lowell Massachusetts.

We are experienced cash house buyers in Lowell in the Acre, The Highlands, Centerville, Pawtucketville, and virtually everywhere else in Massachusetts. If you want to sell your house, condo, or apartment building situated anywhere in the Middlesex, Essex, and Worcester counties of Massachusetts—contact us for a quick, confidential, no-obligation cash offer. There is never any cost to get our cash offer in writing and we’ll never pressure you to say “yes”.  “Summit Buys Houses” is incorporated as Summit RE Group LLC.

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