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5 Important Reasons To Sell Your House To A Direct Buyer

When it comes time to sell their house in Lowell, most people automatically assume they need to use a real estate agent and follow the traditional listing process on the Massachusetts MLS. But before you do that—hold onto your phone! We’d like to suggest you should investigate the possibility of selling your house to a direct buyer like Summit Buys Houses. Over the past 10 years, many things have evolved and the ways of selling your property have greatly multiplied. Because you’re reading this post we know you found our website and hopefully it’s clear to you that we buy houses with cash in Lowell.

In today’s post, we’d like to introduce five surprising things you may not know about working with a direct buyer to sell your house fast in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Forget About The Hassles With Strangers and Open Houses 

Without a doubt when you sell your house on the Lowell MLS many people will be tramping through your house at all times of the week. In addition, you should be aware that your real estate agent will take a whole series of pictures of your home and your personal belongings which will be readily available for public viewing on the Internet. Since the Covid crisis erupted in 2020, having a large number of people you don’t know coming through your house has really become far less safe and something to avoid whenever possible.

When you work with a legitimate and experienced buyer to sell your Lowell house, Open Houses, real estate agents and strangers walking through your house become a thing of the past! Best of all, you don’t have to keep your house clean at all times in anticipation of a visit, and you don’t have to interrupt your evenings or weekends to allow for showings and open houses.

Forget About Cleaning Up Or Making Repairs

When you list your house with a Lowell real estate agent, they are going to ask you to clean thoroughly, eliminate as many personal items as you can, and make any major repairs that would discourage a buyer from looking at your house. An agent will also order an inspection of the property and go through a long list of disclosures where you will have to explain everything you know about the house and the repair history it’s had for the entire time you’ve lived there. If your home is not in perfect or close-to-perfect condition this can create a lot of problems and expenses for you. 

We Buy Houses In Any Condition Lowell MA

On the other hand, if you sell your house to experienced cash home buyers in Lowell like Summit Buys Houses you can hand over all the risks all the cost of repairs, and all the hassles of cleaning up the property to us because we buy Lowell houses in any condition. Most of the Lowellians that we have purchased houses from tell us that selling their house in as-is condition is by far the biggest relief and the most important reason they have for deciding to sell their property to us.

There Are No “Lowball” Offers 

Some folks have the misconception that working with a direct buyer automatically means you will get a lowball offer for your house. While those types of “we buy houses” companies do exist, we can assure you that Summit Buys Houses doesn’t do business that way. In fact, we do everything we can to give you the highest possible cash offer when you sell your house.

Sell My House Fast Lowell MA

You might ask “why would you do this?” The reason is simple. Our business is built around buying properties and keeping our contractors busy renovating them. The only way we can stay in business is to have people like you accept our offer to buy their house. So, giving you the highest possible amount of cash, is good for a business. At the same time, we hope you will be very satisfied selling your property to us and that can only make our business stronger when you refer your friends and family to us in the future.

We Complete The Sale On Your Schedule 

A direct buyer like Summit Buys Houses has a whole network of experienced people working behind the scenes with us. You may not know that this is a benefit to you but because we’ve purchased so many Massachusetts homes we can close as quickly as you need to. Once you’ve accepted our offer all you really need to do is tell us exactly when the best time to complete the sale of your house will be.

This is very, very different from the results you would see by listing your house for sale on the MLS in Massachusetts. Keep in mind when you do a traditional listing there truly is no guarantee that your house will eventually sell. Virtually all the buyers that come to you from a real estate agent will want to have a property inspection and an appraisal done before they commit to completing the transaction. And they have to have good credit to be qualified for a mortgage. This means a lot of uncertainty and waiting for the sale of your house to be finalized.

We Buy Houses With Cash In Lowell

And because we’re paying you cash for your house there’s no red tape of any kind we can close as soon as you tell us to there’s no inspections there’s no appraisals there’s no mortgage lenders with credit ratings to worry about almost all of our deals close in 30 days or less from the time that we first meet you. This truly can save you so many headaches and thousands of dollars in holding costs.

Leave Your Headaches, Stress And Sleepless Nights Behind

You may not have considered exactly how much easier it is to sell your house to it in Lowell to a direct buyer. We meet with you and walk you through every step of the process explaining exactly what to expect all the way through to the closing. Almost all our buyers tell us how relieved they are by working with us, because they don’t have to do anything besides pack up what they want to bring with them when the sale of their home is finalized.

Can you really put a price on the peace of mind you get by knowing your house is going to close in 30 days or less and you don’t have to hire any contractors, do any cleaning or worry about any inspections? We make selling your Lowell house as easy and simple as it can be—this saves you time, stress and money! 

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If you want to hear more about how we work with people exactly like you, watch this 3-minute video that tells the story of Rosa & Ken and how they sold their house to us for cash and closed in just 11 days.


The folks working at Summit Buys Houses truly look forward to meeting people and learning what they are hoping to do when they sell their house in Lowell. We are happy to answer any questions that come up and would encourage you to at consider all the advantages selling to an experienced local buyer gives you.

Let us write an all-cash offer to buy your property! It is absolutely 100% free, and we’ll never pressure you to say “Yes” to our offer. This way, at least you will have a written offer on the table and then you can decide if it’s the best option for you.

Why not fill in the simple form below or call Summit Buys Houses at (978) 254-3800? This way, we can meet with you and write an offer on your Lowell house right now!

We are experienced Massachusetts home buyers with happy clients all over the state. We buy houses  in places like Lowell, Woburn, Fitchburg, Andover, Billerica, Burlington and Chelmsford to name just a few. So if you’re interested in selling your home anywhere in the Middlesex, Essex and Worcester counties of Massachusetts—contact us for a quick, confidential, no obligation cash offer and the best, no-pressure advice. “Summit Buys Houses” is incorporated as Summit RE Group LLC. 

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