5 Things You May Not Know About The Real Estate Market in Lowell

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If you’re hoping to sell your house in Lowell any time soon, you need to know what’s going on in our local market and in the real estate market in general. In today’s post we’re going to share with you a few trends and ideas that we see happening now and talk about what experts in the field are predicting will happen for the rest of the year.

Read on as we take a look at some of the things going on in real estate right now and hopefully these will help you decide what is the next best thing to do when you’re preparing to sell your house Lowell. As always feel free to call us and let us know what types of questions you have about buying or selling any real estate in Lowell or the surrounding areas of Massachusetts

What Is Happening Today

It’s already been said 100 different ways, but the onset of the Covid pandemic has changed everything in our lives. And the real estate market is no different. Because Covid has created a very uncertain economy, many home sellers have some apprehension about what to do next. Trying to sell your house in Lowell at this time can seem challenging—even overwhelming. However, if you look at your situation carefully it can actually be a benefit because there’s less competition when you’re hoping to sell. Fewer people have put their house on the market and as a result residential single-family homes are in demand throughout every neighborhood of Lowell. So as you consider selling your house in this unstable economy and pandemic environment, it could very well be a great time to cash in by selling your house now.

Predictions for The Future

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Keep in mind nobody has a crystal ball and as a result no one—no matter how expert they are in the field can see exactly what’s going to happen in the Lowell real estate market. However a good number of experts are predicting there can be a recession in our future. Now it may not be as severe as some of the recessions that have occurred in the recent past, but it can still cause serious problems for property owners.

Again by taking a close look at your own situation and understanding what you were choices can be, you will position yourself to benefit from the circumstances. It’s been said many times in our blog posts that “knowledge is power”. If you educate yourself about the real estate market in Lowell, you will have the power to make choices that are best for you and your finances.

So if you’ve been considering selling your home in Lowell now it may very well be the best time to get the ball rolling. And the reason we say that is should an economic recession come to pass, it is likely the value of your house would drop! So by selling your houses now you will cash in on your equity while you know the value is still higher.

At Summit Buys Houses we would buy your property outright in only a matter of days—not months. As a result, you can cash in now at a time when you know the economy is still relatively stable. This will save you from worrying about any fluctuations or down cycles that may occur later on. It’s important to remind you that there are never any costs or fees or surprises when you sell your Lowell property to us.

We Buy Houses With Cash Lowell

We give you a Profit-Lock™ offer which guarantees that once you’ve accepted our offer, the price will never change. This gives you the peace of mind that those national “We Buy Houses” companies do not give you. And we are very proud to offer a Profit-Lock™. As a result, the sale of your home to us is very simple, straightforward and without any surprises. You can quickly sell your Lowell house now while the economy stays stable. 

What You Can Do As A Home Seller

Before you sell your home in Lowell you’ll want to carefully look at all of the options that are available to you. Again, educating yourself is the best way to make an informed decision and determine what will work best for you.

Ask yourself some questions like these:

  • How long are houses in Lowell staying on the market? Does it make any difference if it’s in the Acre, Centralville or the Highlands? Is the time on my house would stay on the market the same in all of Lowell’s neighborhoods?
  • Are home sellers in Lowell getting the price they are asking for or are they having to lower their sale price in order to secure a sale?
  • How much will it cost to successfully sell my home?
  • If I list it on the Lowell MLS, what repairs do I need to make prior to listing it?
  • How much will the commissions be for a Lowell real estate agent to list my property?
  • How much will the closing costs be for a seller like me if I do a traditional closing?
  • Do I have the time and the money to wait three or four months for a listing to begin, for a buyer to be found and for that buyer to be approved for a bank loan?
  • Or would I be better off and make more money by selling my house right now?

If for any reason you’re trying to sell your house in Lowell sooner rather than later, hiring a MLS real estate agent and selling with a listing may in fact not be the best choice. Again a listing takes time. And time equals money because you continue to pay taxes, mortgage, utilities and all the other costs associated with owning your house before the listing is successful and you close on the sale.

As an alternative, the choice of working with a direct buyer may in fact turn out to be your best selling option. The only way to answer what is is the sit down with pencil and paper and run the numbers out to see how much cash you’ll have in hand when you walk away from the house sale in each scenario.

What You Can Do If You Are Ready To Buy

It’s no secret that many sellers have been reluctant to put their house on the market because of the Covid pandemic. Despite that, there are still some very good deals to be found. At Summit Buys Houses we can help you find the perfect property whether you’re looking for an investment or another home for you and your family. Because we’re able to help home sellers close quickly and don’t ask them to pay closing costs or additional fees, this allows us to buy properties at lower prices than others. As a result we can pass this type of a deal on to people like you—if you’re ready to buy a house in Lowell, MA.


The work our purchases work helps to keep cash in your wallet because we eliminate your costs of marketing, paying real estate commissions and closing fees that would shrink the profits you would walk away with after selling your house. We’re here eliminating the middleman which means there’s no waiting for banks, no waiting for appraisals and inspections and no worrying about whether or not a buyer will qualify for a loan to purchase your house. And so because we eliminate the middleman—everyone in the transaction can come out as a winner!

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