We Are Experienced Homes Buyers In Tewksbury Massachusetts. We'll Buy Your Property No Matter What Condition It Is In.

We Buy Houses
In Tewksbury, MA

Sell Your Tewksbury House Without an Agent!
Do No Repairs, Do No Cleaning!

There’s No Obligation To
Get Our Profit-Lock™ Offer Today!

It’s 100% FREE!

Summit Buys Houses Is A Legitimate Home Buyer In Tewksbury MA
Our Exclusive Profit Lock Offer Is An All-Cash Offer to Purchase Your Tewksbury House. Once You Accept, It Is Guaranteed Never To Change.

WE DON’T PLAY GAMES and will not insult you with a “lowball” offer!

We are your local Tewksbury Massachusetts home buyers that purchase houses directly from homeowners who want to sell without all the hassles.

“The Local Guys” are in your neighborhood and treat you fairly and with respect. We are NOT about high pressure sales or games that waste your time.

You get a free market analysis of your house and we guarantee you the highest possible cash offer based on that analysis.

Forget about real estate agents, Open Houses and inspections! You leave cleaning and repairs behind, you pay absolutely $0 in fees.

“All I really want is a simple way to
sell my Tewksbury house and move on”.

Great! You are in the right place!

We pay cash for Tewksbury properties all the time. It doesn’t matter what the condition is
and we are ready to close the sale whenever you tell us.

“Is This Really A Legit Way
To Sell My Tewksbury House?”

Excellent Question!

You Need More Information Because…

We want you to have all the information you need because selling your property is an important move! You have to understand your options before you can make the best choice.

We promise to be very open with you. That way, you see exactly how our offer is built….

When all is said and done, selling your house to us is only a few basic steps. First, we look at the market value of Tewksbury homes that are the same size as yours. And we estimate the costs of any cleaning or maintenance it might need. Finally we find how fast houses are selling in your neighborhood. It’s honestly that simple!

It is worth your while to read our detailed description of how we build your offer. It gives you every detail about how we work to create your all-cash offer.

How important is an all-cash offer?”

This is your biggest advantage! When you sell “for cash” to Summit Buys Houses, you take away all the middlemen involved in the sale of your property! In other words, you don’t have to keep paying all the house bills for 3-4 months while your house buyer waits (and hopes) to get approved by a bank for a loan. By selling for “all-cash” to us, you get rid of property inspections, appraisals and bank credit approvals. We can close whenever you want, even 10 days from now.

As a result…

We’re ready to buy Tewksbury houses and condos right away—no matter what condition your property is in, or what your situation is right now.

Do I Stay In Control Of The Sale?”

Another good question! Yes —it’s only when you tell us “I’m ready to close on the sale” that we buy the house. Never the other way around. Just tell us when the best time for you to sell is—whether it’s in 10 days or 6 months—and you walk away with the money on that date.

We’ll be ready exactly when you tell us you’re ready.

It’s Easy to Get Your Offer…

Our Exclusive Profit Lock Gives You A Written Cash Offer to Buy Your Tewksbury MA House. The Offer Is Guaranteed To Never Change Once You've Accepted It.

1st—Fill In The Easy Form Below Or Call (978) 254-3800
2nd—We’ll Talk With You To Learn About Your House
3rd—We Deliver Our Written Profit-Lock™ Offer To You

What Is The Cash Offer For My House In Tewksbury?

See Our A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau in Tewksbury MA We buy houses in Tewksbury fast. Skip the repairs, skip any cleaning, and pay $0 in commissions. Get Started Here With This EZ-Fill Form
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There is Never Any Pressure From Us To Accept The Offer!

Is Selling Your Tewksbury House
To Us The Right Move?
How Much Will A Profit-Lock Offer Give You? 
No Pressure To Accept Our Offer
And It’s 100% FREE!


Open Houses mean groups of people walking through your house
at all times of day and night!


We buy housesit Tewksbury as-is.
We’ll do repairs after you sell. You
leave any unwanted items behind.


We are experienced house buyers
with cash in hand. You pick the date
and we guarantee to close your sale.

Who Needs The Stress?
Is It Simple To
Sell Your Tewksbury House?

Simple Because…

It’s 100% FREE—yes $0—to sell to us. You save at least $15,000 (honestly!) on agent commissions. And you wipe out 3 or 4 months of bill payments and waiting to close on your home sale.

Simple Because...

When you sell your Tewksbury house directly to Summit Buys Houses, you get the highest possible cash offer. And it simply does not matter what condition your house is in—or what your situation is right now…

Simple If You Are…

Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts Stuck With An Inherited House You Can’t Fix?
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts Stuck With A Home That’s Just Too Big To Clean?
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts Missing A Few Payments And Worried About Foreclosure?
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts Sick and Tired Of Dealing With Lousy Tenants?
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts Know That Listing Your Home For Sale Is Too Slow?
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts Just Tired Of The Stress This House Gives You?

Some people are nervous about calling us…

We are not here to judge you, but to help you move on to the next step in your life. We’ve seen houses in every condition, it doesn’t bother us! For you, this means no waiting and watching home inspectors crawl around your home with a flashlight looking for problems.

Just imagine—a new peace of mind…

We won’t waste your time or insult you with “lowball” offers. Our Profit-Lock™ offer is guaranteed never to change. It is completely FREE to ask for your offer, and we never do “the hard sell” or pressure you to accept.

The Simple Answer Is…
You receive a written, Profit-Lock offer.
Only you decide if it’s time to sell your Tewksbury house to us.
No pressure to accept our offer!
It’s honestly that simple and straightforward! So…

Our Exclusive Profit Lock Offer Is A Cash Offer to Purchase Your House That Is Guaranteed Never To Change After You Accept It. We Pay Cash For Tewksbury MA Houses Like Yours.

Take back control of your life now
by clicking here
or calling us at (978) 254-3800.


We Are Massachusetts Home Buyers With The Highest Better Business Bureau Rating


We’re Dawn & Jack. It may sound “corny” or
“old-fashioned” but we actually live
in your neighborhood and we treat all of our
clients as neighbors. If we meet you a year
after you sell your house to us—our goal is to make
sure you’re happy to see us and you’re
satisfied for the work we’ve done for you!

We Proud To Serve Home Sellers In Our Neighborhood


You’re so much more than a number.
We’re not giving you an offer from a computer
while calling from California. We’re around the corner
and truly understand how much your house is worth.


How far is the nearest highway?
What About Jobs? Or Schools?
All these questions have local answers that change
the market value of your house. That’s exactly
why we can pay more when
you sell your house to us.


Do you need help moving? What about rentals?
Who should you call?
Relax! We’ve got you covered. Being in the area
gives us the best contacts to help you out. That’s
why our concierge-level service
make the transition for you so smooth.

Call The Local Guys—We’re In Your Neighborhood
Get a No Obligation, Profit-Lock Offer. 

Sell Your House Now And
Skip The Stress And Work Forever.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Bad things happen to good people”.

Well it happens to all of us—there’s just no getting away from the things life can throw at us. Because of that, we’ve seen houses with every problem. We’re not here to judge you, but to help.

When we say we buy your houses no matter what condition it’s in—here’s some proof!

When you sell to us, you just take what you want, and leave everything else behind. We’ve seen food in the fridge, trash, termites, water damage, mold – we’ve seen it and fixed it—so you don’t have to worry about it!

Here's A Tewksbury House We Bought For Cash and Renovated. We Buy Homes As-Is So Call The Local Guys Today!

Again—we’re not here to judge you. When you sell your house to us, we want your experience with us to be the best it can be.

We Live By “The Golden Rule”. Which Means…

Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts You are treated with dignity and respect.
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts You get honest answers to all your questions.
Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts You get the highest possible profit when you sell your house.

Experienced Home Buyers In Lowell Massachusetts

There’s A Reason We Have
So Many Good Reviews

From People Just Like You… Check Us Out For Yourself.

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What Is The Cash Offer For My House In Tewksbury?

See Our A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau in Tewksbury MA We buy houses in Tewksbury fast. Skip the repairs, skip any cleaning, and pay $0 in commissions. Get Started Here With This EZ-Fill Form
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We Buy Houses Like Yours In Tewksbury Massachusetts For Cash

“Summit Buys Houses” is Summit RE Group LLC. We purchase homes all over the state of Massachusetts in towns like Tyngsborough, Wilmington, Carlisle, and Dracut, to name just a few. We buy everywhere in MA and we always pay the highest prices in Middlesex, Essex and Worcester counties. 

If you want to sell your house fast in any of these areas—contact us for a quick, confidential, no obligation cash offer. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! We are ready to buy your property no matter what condition it is in or how quickly you might want to sell.

WE ARE NOT REALTORS and will never charge you fees of any kind when you work with us. We are the buyer you want for your house with cash in hand and ready to go. This means you completely skip over property inspections, appraisals, bank approvals and waiting for a sale. We are ready to buy your house in Tewksbury right now with cash and promise to close on the day you decide is best! Get started by filling in our form above or calling us at (978) 254-3800.

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Looking to sell your house quickly in Tewksbury, MA? Then click on “sell my house for cash” to learn more about how we buy houses for cash in Tewksbury and how you can get a quick cash offer for your house today! You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about us and our services.

We buy houses in the following cities in Massachusetts:

Framingham, MATewksbury, MA
Havermill, MAWestford, MA
Lawrence, MAAyer, MA
Manchester, NHBillerica, MA
Lowell, MAGroton, MA
Methuen, MAChelmsford, MA
Middlesex County, MATyngsborough, MA
Nashua, MADracut, MA

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