Selling Your NH House With A Real Estate Agent? It Might Be the Wrong Choice!

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If you’re trying to sell your New Hampshire house, it’s important you realize there a more than one way to get that accomplished. By far, the most common way to sell a house is to use a traditional real estate listing with a local New Hampshire agent. Many times, this is a good choice and many people feel this is the best way.

However, there is no law in New Hampshire that says you absolutely MUST sell your property using a real estate agent. And it’s important to know that this MLS listing does have some significant drawbacks. Today’s post will discuss some of those drawbacks. The idea is to give you all the information you need BEFORE you make the final decision to sell with an NH agent. 

We like to say that knowledge is power. And the more knowledge you have about the sale process of a New Hampshire house the more power you have to maximize your profits and make the best financial decisions for you and your loved ones. 

You Could Save Tens Of Thousands On Commissions

Far and away the most obvious problem with selling your house on the MLS is the high cost of commissions that you will not have to pay to the agent.  Typically this is 6% of the sale price. Although that doesn’t sound like much, you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually do the math to figure out what that dollar amount actually is.

In today’s market if you’re selling your New Hampshire house for $500,000, the commission you pay out to your agent is $30,000. (That’s right it’s not a misprint—6% of a $500,000 sale price is $30,000.) This commission cost is deducted immediately at the closing table before you collect any of your cash for the sale of your New Hampshire home.

Sell Your House Fast New Hampshire

You Could Save Thousands On Repairs Of Your NH Home

We Buy Houses New Hampshire

A second benefit you enjoy when not hiring a real estate agent is the time and money you will save in repairing and cleaning up your property prior to the listing.

The reason for this is simple; real estate agents across the board are really picky about the condition of your property. They have a vested interest in making sure that it sells and so they want everything in showroom condition. It makes it that much easier for them to “show and sell”. 

So, take a quick look around your house and be objective. Are there areas of your house that are showing their age? Or maybe your house is showing the wear and tear of your children and pets?

You might need to spend thousands on painting or changing the flooring and tile. And of course, if there are any repairs to be done—particularly to your heating plumbing, and electrical systems all of these things need to be brought up to 100% efficiency before a sale can take place. 

Opting to sell your New Hampshire house without a real estate agent however means you could put it up for sale without any of these repairs and updates being made, thus saving you the money out of pocket and the time it would take to have the changes made. 

Selling Your Home By Accepting A Cash Offer Gives You Some Advantages

Normally the goal of accepting a cash offer for the sale of your property is to make the transaction as simple as possible with no uncertainties or waiting period. Here are a few of the advantages you would expect when you accept a cash offer:

You never have to do any repairs. For many people, if the property has not been updated or maintained this is a primary concern. Instead of taking cash out of your pocket and hiring contractors to do the work before you sell, you can simply sell the house as is.

A cash offer normally can be accomplished in only a matter of days. If there is a reason you would like to get rid of your property quickly a cash sale may be the way to go. Because there is no bank involved, there are no credit reports or appraisals to be done. As a result, a cash sale can take place in this little is 10 days.

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When it’s time to sell your house, looking at our cash offer should give you an added degree of confidence. Consider this; even if you don’t accept our offer, in the end, you can go into negotiations with another buyer on the sale of your house knowing that you have a solid written offer in hand, backed by the funds of a local, experienced, and recognized cash home buying company.

You Could Stay In Control Of the Selling Schedule

Sell My House Fast In New Hampshire

If you choose to sell your New Hampshire property without an agent, you enjoy the third benefit; you stay in control of the exact date and time the house is sold and you collect your cash at the closing table.

With a traditional listing make no mistake, you never have control of the closing date. The bank that is loaning your buyer the money for the sale actually sets that date. And they only agree to a closing date after they have done mountains of paperwork ensuring that your buyer is credit-worthy and the property passes all their inspections and an appraisal.

This can be a huge advantage if you need a new place to live. (As most home sellers like you usually do!).

As opposed to being uncertain of when you can move into your new home you can simply say, “I want to sell my house on this date and I want to move on that same day into my new home.”  It becomes as simple as that. The bank is not involved, your buyer is not involved and you remain in total control of the sale process. 

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In Conclusion

Before you finalize the selling process on your New Hampshire house, consider the alternatives to listing with a local NH agent. Depending on your current financial situation and the condition of your property, selling another way may be a better alternative.

You may end up with more money if you don’t pay commissions or do some expensive repairs. You can also stay in control of the schedule of the sale and avoid the uncertainties that come with a buyer who needs a bank to give them the funds to purchase your home.

Here’s one of our best tips for selling your house in any one of New Hampshire’s beautiful towns—even when your situation is filled with problems;

Let us be one of your sources of reliable real estate knowledge. We have bought so many NH homes over the years, we have the experience to “tell it like it is”. We give you realistic advice based on your unique circumstances—even if you’re in some kind of predicament at the moment.

We are “The Local Guys” who buy New Hampshire homes for cash. It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in right now—we buy the good, the bad, and the ugly one all over the Granbite State!

Give our team a call if you have any questions or would like a free quote on your home. There are never any “high-pressure” sales tactics from us and everything is free of charge. We are here to help—what have you got to lose by giving us a call?

You’ll quickly see why the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts. has awarded us their highest business rating. It’s an honor we’ve earned by helping homeowners like you sell their homes quickly and profitably in the shortest amount of time.

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Sell My Home Fast In New Hampshire
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We purchase homes all over the state of New Hampshire. We concentrate our efforts in the areas of Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties but love buying houses anywhere in The Granite State. 

If you want to sell your house fast in any of these areas—contact us for a quick, confidential, no-obligation cash offer. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! We are ready to buy your property no matter what condition it is in or how quickly you might want to sell. 

WE ARE NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTS and will never charge you fees of any kind when you work with us. Because we purchase with cash, you eliminate inspections, appraisals, bank approvals, and waiting for a sale. We are ready with cash in hand to buy your property right now and can close on the day you decide is best! It all starts by filling in our form above or calling us at (978) 254-3800

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