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“Okay I Want To Sell My House Now.
What’s The Next Step?”

We Buy Houses For Cash
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We’re ready to buy your house for cash.
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You’ve taken an important step by contacting us…

You should know there is never any high-pressure sales from us and we always treat you with respect and dignity. Perhaps most importantly, we won’t waste your time with any “lowball” offers. We work with you to build a situation where we both win—you get cash for your house and we buy a house that we can have our contractors renovate.

So, as we’ve said many times,

It is in our best interest to give you the highest possible cash offer when we buy your property .

The reason is simple…

If we give you an offer you don’t like—you won’t accept it! And when our offers are not accepted, we don’t have any business!

With that said…

Here is our phone number; (978) 254-3800.

Feel free to call anytime with your questions. And let us know the best way to reach you, because in the next day we’ll be calling to let you know how much we can pay you to buy your house.

In the meantime…

Why not check out some of our satisfied client reviews at the Better Business Bureau? We are fully accredited by the BBB and have an “A+” rating. There is none better!

We Buy Houses Throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire Fast And Pay Cash.
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Before you sell your house, you probably want more information!

That’s pretty normal, so let’s see if I can answer them for you.

Here are answers to the questions we get asked the most:

#1—Who is Summit Buys Houses? And Why Should I Sell My House To You?

Summit Buys Houses is a residential redevelopment company that buys houses and condos throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. After we buy them, normally we renovate them and resell them. Maybe you could think of us as a local (and much less famous) version of the folks you might see on HGTV or the DYI Network.

We feel very strongly about being a helpful partner to homeowners like you who want to sell a property they no longer want or need. We always, always, always give you the highest possible cash offer for your house. And our experience buying houses here makes the sale of your house as simple and straightforward as it can be.

Because we are in your neighborhood we can make offers that are much better than those big ‘we buy houses’ guys. We want you to check us out and find out all you can! We’re proud of our work.

Why not look through some of testimonials we have from people just like you.

#2—Do I Have To Pay You When I Sell My House To You?

It costs you absolutely nothing to sell your house to us. Yes—$0.

That is not some kind of scam of fancy footwork.

We are your actual property buyer. So there is no agent you have to pay commissions to. And because we are NOT real estate agents, there are no fees or commissions for you to pay. That means you won’t pay out $20,000 or more to a real estate agent!

#3—How Does Selling My house To You Work?

Well, to build our cash offer for you, we do need to know the details on your house—things like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any repairs that might be needed etc. So we can normally get that info by talking to you on the phone or visiting you. And you can tell us when you’re hoping to close on the sale of your house. This is where we start—by finding out what condition your house is in now, and if you have a schedule that you want to complete the sale.

This is also a good time…

…for you to ask us everything you are wondering about and get to know us. Because we are “The Local Guys”, we are (literally) right in your neighborhood. We want to treat you like a friendly next-door neighbor.


…you should look over our offer. We also advise home sellers like you to have someone else you trust like an accountant or lawyer check over the paperwork to make sure you’re comfortable with our offer.

If you’re ready…

…to accept our offer to have us buy your house, we’ll get the paperwork going with a local trusted company so you can be sure that there isn’t any funny business going on (no “kitchen table closings” here).

The last step…

you’ll have the cash in your hand so you can move on… and we’ll take the house off your hands.

#4—My House Needs A Lot Of Work. Do I Have To Get It Fixed Up?

Most people are very relieved when we tell them you don’t need to do any repairs or cleaning! This is because we buy houses “as-is”—meaning we’ll buy your house right now in any condition or shape.

Take a look at this house in Lowell, MA we bought not too long ago;

We Buy Houses Fast
We truly do buy houses in any condition!

We buy houses that need all kinds of work because that is how we make our living. Our contractors are experts at what they do and we want to keep them busy doing the things they do best—roofing, plumbing carpentry etc. We clean up, repair and renovate properties so the house can become a home for a new family.

And remember...

We don’t expect you to do any of that. So if you think our cash offer on your house is fair—that is the last time you have to worry about any of the work you house might need.

Thanks Again For Contacting Us!

We’re Ready To Work With You On Selling Your House !