Can I Sell My Haverhill House For Cash And Get A Fair Price?

I Want Cash Offer For My House In Haverhill
Cash Home Buyers In Haverhill Massachusetts

“How do I get cash for my house in Haverhill and still get a fair price?” You would be surprised at how frequently we get questions like this. 

The bottom line is your situation is very unique to you. The circumstances that have brought you to this point where you are looking to sell your house is unlike anything your neighbors, friends, or relatives have experienced. Maybe you have recently inherited a house from a loved one or perhaps you have a house that hasn’t been maintained over the years. Perhaps you were looking to downsize or have a house that is simply too big to live in any longer. Whatever the situation is, you are the only one in the end that can decide if a cash offer will work best.

TIn today’s post we give you 3 different ways you can sell your house. We also talk about several important things we think you should understand while you’re working on the best way to sell your Haverhill house. 

You Can Sell Your Property In Haverhill 3 Different Ways

You can sell your Haverhill house using a For Sale By Owner or FSBO (fizz-bo). If paying the sky-high commissions to a real estate agent is a major concern to you this could be the way to go. (Consider this; a $500,000 sale price means you will pay $30,000 in commissions to a real estate agent.)

Homeowners like you do sell this way successfully as long as they’re prepared ahead of time. Normally you need to be educated on the house sale process, creating effective ad copy for your home as well as qualifying and negotiating with potential home buyers. We have written about the FSBO method before and you can check this article for further insights

Keep in mind the Haverhill housing market—like all Massachusetts markets—will change over time.  Being able to price your home at the exact best price is the most important aspect of selling it yourself. You should always look at other Haverhill homes that have recently sold on a website like

Sell My Haverhill House Fast At Fair Price

If selling your house yourself isn’t appealing to you for one reason or another, you can always sell your Haverhill house by signing a 6-month contract with a real estate agent. This is by far the most common means of selling your home. If your property is not in the best of shape, there are real estate agents who specialize in selling properties in disrepair. You can do a Google search for a phrase like “top-performing realtors in Haverhill”. Keep in mind that a traditional MLS listing may not be the best option since there are 6% commissions and other fees associated with selling this way.

Finally, you can sell your house by contacting a reputable and experienced cash buyer. If you want to again start with a Google search online, try a search phrase like “Who buys houses for cash near me” or “Sell my Haverhill house fast” 

We ALWAYS advise our clients to do their homework and check on the reputation and financial stability of any investor who offers to buy your house. These companies are NOT all equal. Because of television shows on stations like HGTV or the Magnolia Network, many amateurs think they can become investors. What usually happens is they make offers they cannot actually complete because they don’t have the cash ready to go. So please, beware and check out the reputation of your potential buyers. (Our website contains many examples of the reviews we’ve received from customers we have worked with.)

Sell House To Legitimate Cash Home Buyers

Before Getting A Cash Offer for Your House, Here’s 3 Things You Should Know

Sell My House In Haverhill As Is

When selling your house in a desirable Haverhill neighborhood, be prepared to receive multiple offers! There’s a lot of interest in homes right now, so if you’re lucky enough to live in an area that is meeting demand, you’ll likely receive several offers quickly. It’s not unusual for buyers to offer full price and even more when the market is hot. So don’t delay – put your house on the market today and see what happens!

When selling your home to an investor, be aware that they typically pay a discounted price for the house and sometimes can close the sale much more quickly than if you were to sell to a traditional buyer. Generally, investors are interested in purchasing houses as-is and then spend significant amounts of time and money to renovate the property before selling it again.

One of the biggest advantages to this type of sale is that there are no hidden fees or commissions, so in many cases where homes cannot be sold at their full asking price, an “as-is” offer from a trusted cash home buyer can net you the best profit.

In Conclusion

You are looking to sell your house in Haverhill for any number of reasons that are important to you. Don’t panic! Take a little time to understand the pros and cons of each sale method, and you’re more likely to make the best home selling decision and receive the highest amount of profit after the sale!

If you’d like to get some unbiased help in selling your house, please give us a call. We honestly care that you get the help you need and will treat your situation with discretion and understanding. The last thing we’ll ever do is try to pressure you into making a decision to sell to us.

But we can tell you the current value of your property in Haverhill, and then do the math with you so you can see exactly how much money you can receive using any one of the options we’ve outlined in today’s post.

What is one of our best tips for selling your house in any neighborhood of Haverhill—even when your situation is filled with problems?

We are “The Local Guys” who buy Haverhill Massachusetts properties for cash.

Give our team a call if you have any questions or would like a free quote on your home. There are never any “high-pressure” sales tactics from us and everything is free of charge. We are here to help—what have you got to lose by giving us a call?

You’ll quickly see why the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts. has awarded us their highest business rating. It’s an honor we’ve earned by helping homeowners like you sell their homes quickly and profitably in the shortest amount of time.

Cash Home Buyers In Haverhill MA
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What Is The Best Way To Sell My House?

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