5 Steps Toward Selling Your House in Lowell: A Beginner’s Guide

Sell My House Fast Lowell MA

Have you been considering selling your house in Lowell MA? Perhaps for one reason or another, the current world situation has made you reluctant to take the steps needed to get a home sale on track.

Most people immediately assume they will list their house for sale with a real estate agent.  But you might be overwhelmed by the thoughts of cleaning the house of excess clutter, making any needed repairs, and getting ready for a stream of strangers parading through the house. No wonder you’re hesitant!

The good news is there is more than one way to sell your house fast in Lowell. Selling by listing with an agent is just one of those ways to sell your home and move on to the next chapter in your life. Read on for more details…

 #1—Who Buys Houses in Lowell?

The very first step to selling your Lowell house fast might be to consider exactly who would be interested in buying your house. Although this sounds obvious, it can help you plan to do the best marketing possible. 

Answer some questions like; who buys houses in Lowell? Will this be their first home or will they be moving up from a home that they own right now? What type of house are they looking for and how much house can they afford? Do your buyers use the Internet a lot? If so, would ads on Facebook or Craigslist be appropriate?

Once you’ve answered these questions then you can go about deciding on your best possible marketing plan. How will you reach house buyers? Will newspapers be useful or will you spend your money solely on the Internet? What can you do to get their attention with your marketing? To find a traditional buyer who is ready to go right now, you’ll need to know who they are ahead of time so you can market the property for sale accordingly.

#2—Sell Your Lowell House Using The Internet

Many, many studies show that virtually all potential Lowell home buyers will start their search on the internet. If you want to sell your home quickly and efficiently you have to get your house in front of these buyers.

Facebook is one place that gets many viewers every day. You can run some ads here for a very low cost that can bring your property to the attention of buyers looking to move into your Lowell MA neighborhood.

Sell My House Fast Lowell MA

Naturally, you want to show the house at its best, so you’ll want to take some well-lit and sharply detailed photos that you can post to pique home buyers’ appetite to buy right now. Some people selling a house in Lowell will even pay a fee to have a 3-D “virtual tour” created so that buyers can “walk through” your house before they ever see it in person. Since the pandemic struck in 2020, 3-D tours have really skyrocketed in popularity for both buyers and sellers and it’s easy to see why. It is so much safer and more convenient to take a tour in this way.

A word of caution though, creating these virtual tours in addition to other marketing costs can get expensive pretty quickly. Before you opt for advanced marketing options, make sure you know what it is going to cost. Sometimes, when you add everything up, spending all of the extra cash simply isn’t worth it and you are better off with a direct sale to a Lowell home buyer.

#3—Can I Sell My House With A Rent-To-Own?

Another often overlooked option to find someone to buy your house in Lowell would be to enter into a rent-to-own agreement with a potential buyer. This can be a great option for sellers who don’t need the full sale proceeds right away. The basic way these agreements work is that you enter into an agreement with the buyer where they rent the property—usually for a period of two or three years. At the end of that time, you then execute a purchase and sale for the house with the buyer who’s been renting. Many times, a portion of the rent that they paid during the rental agreement is applied towards the purchase of the house. If you don’t need the full sum of the sale right away, selling it via rent to own can be a great option.

The biggest advantage to a rent-to-own agreement is that you open up the possibility of selling your house to many more buyers than you would just by hoping for a typical sale.

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# 4—What Should I Do About Repairs?

If you’ve lived in your home any length of time, chances are you take for granted the condition that it’s in. Unfortunately, people looking to buy your house will be extremely picky about the condition of everything in the home—from the rugs and paint all the way through the cellar and yard.

Sell My House Fast Lowell Massachusetts

In order to get the most money from the sale of your house, you’re going to want to give it somewhat of a facelift. The best bet is to choose smaller projects that can really update the look and feel of the house. One such example is painting a room or a number of rooms. For a small amount of money, your home can look fresh, new, and inviting to potential buyers.

You’re also going to want to de-clutter your house. Again you have become accustomed to how things look—including the amount of furniture and belongings that are spread throughout the house. But for the house to be inviting to potential buyers, you want to have open and expansive spaces where personal belongings are not strewn throughout. It may even help to have your house professionally cleaned so that it will look “showroom ready” when buyers enter.

You can make a number of smaller upgrades that will enhance the “curb appeal” of your home. In the springtime in particular, landscaping the exterior of your home can go a long way. Take a look at this article to get some great update ideas.

However much repair and cleaning you decide to do, you have to get it all accomplished before you take any pictures to market the property. If for some reason, doing repairs and cleaning will not make sense in your situation you may want to consider selling the house “as is”. The most reliable way to do that would be to sell your home to a professional buyer. We will go into some detail on that later in this article.

#5—Can A Professional Home Buyer Help Me?

Although many people dismiss selling their house to an experienced home buyer outright, usually it is because they don’t have all the facts. When you carefully weigh the advantages of selling your house to a Lowell professional home buyer, many times it comes out to be the easiest, fastest, and most profitable way to sell.

Here’s why….

Speed. Professional buyers normally buy your Lowell house with cash—which really means there are no banks involved in the sale. Because no banks are involved, there are no lengthy approval periods, appraisals, and inspections of your Lowell house. As a result, instead of the average 4-5 months to complete a sale, a sale of your house can be done as quickly 3 weeks! (At Summit Buys Houses we have purchased homes even quicker than that when the seller wanted us to.)

Sell My Lowell Home In One Weekend

No Repairs…

Not having to do repairs of any kind is an enormous advantage for you if the Lowell property you’re selling needs repairs. Experienced home buyers like Summit Buys Houses DO NOT ask you to make the house “picture perfect” before we buy it from you. We buy houses in Lowell in any condition because we plan to make repairs after the sale. As a result – you do not ever have to start making repairs before you sell. It’s easy to understand how much time, money, and headaches this eliminates for you.

Along with avoiding repairs, you can avoid cleaning out the house. Professional house buyers will buy the property as-is, which means you can take anything you want to keep with you and leave everything else behind for them to clean up after you’ve sold your home.

Very often home sellers like you may overlook the fact that you do not have to pay any fees or commissions when you sell your home to a professional buyer. This turns into a very significant amount of money!

Think about this…

…if you sell your house for $350,000, you have to pay a real estate agent over $21,000 in commissions. That is NOT a typo! Most agents require a payment that is equal to 6% of the sale price of your home.

When you consider the facts and take the time to do some basic math, you just may realize that selling to an experienced home buyer can be a good way to get your house sold quickly, so you can collect your cash and move on.

It is important…

…to keep in mind that not all home buyers are the same. At Summit Buys Houses, we will work with you, to understand what your situation is, how soon you want to move and where you will be going when the sale of the house is finalized. We buy houses in Lowell all the time.

We are experienced and trusted cash home buyers who are right in your neighborhood. We give you a written Profit-Lock™ offer, which is completely free of costs and fees. There is never any obligation to accept our offer. It only works if both you as the seller and us as the home buyer are satisfied. Our process is completely transparent, so you will always be in the loop, knowing exactly what to expect and when we will perform all the steps needed to complete the sale of your Lowell property.

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While things may be a little crazy with the economy right now, if you say “I want to sell my house in Lowell fast” there is no reason why you won’t be able to accomplish that. With the right tools and strategy, you can still generate profits.

We’re “The Local Guys”

At Summit Buys Houses, we are experienced and professional home buyers operating right in your Lowell neighborhood. This gives us an edge over the big national “we buy houses” companies. They don’t really know your neighborhood and can only give you an offer based on what a computer tells them.

Not us…

Jack grew up in the Acre section of Lowell and is familiar with the whole city of Lowell. He can build the highest cash off for your house because of his local knowledge. There are never any fees or obligations. There isn’t a catch and you will never feel any pressure to sell your house to us. Get the facts and learn about your options before moving forward with the sale of your house in Lowell!

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