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So you’ve decided to sell your house in Lawrence. And maybe you’re hoping to sell it fast. For most home sellers, the first question they ask is “How am I going to find a buyer for my house?” or “What’s going to make my house sell quickly so I don’t have to worry about this anymore?” 

When putting your Lawrence house up for sale it’s important to realize that every home buyer that may consider buying your house is in a completely different situation. As a result, they have very specific tastes regarding the type of house they would buy, they have very specific needs in terms of location and size of a home and they may have certain features they consider “must-haves” in a house.

All of that means you have to market your home to a specific type of home buyer. One all-important question you may want to ask yourself is “How do I make the best impression on the buyer especially when there is so much competition from other houses for sale in Lawrence?”

So, today’s post is here to help you answer that question. We are going to give you a few tips about how to find a qualified buyer for your house in Lawrence, and how to get the most money you can when it comes time to sell.

Strategy # 1—Get Your Lawrence Home “Showroom-Ready” 

When you’re ready to sell your Lawrence house the first thing you must absolutely do is make it “showroom ready”. So, what exactly do we mean by that? Well, you need to consider the competition you have from other people in Lawrence who are currently selling their houses. If you look online at the Lawrence houses sale right now on websites like Zillow or Redfin, you’ll get an idea of how good these homes present to a potential homebuyer.

Usually, this means all the paint has been freshened, the flooring and carpeting are in great shape and the kitchens and bathrooms are sparkling and inviting. To compete with those other home sellers, you have to put your home in the same condition. We suggest you walk around your property making notes—try to be as objective as possible. Or even better, ask a friend to come in and be brutally honest with you about the things they see that are not “showroom ready.”

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As a result of your home evaluation, you may need to do the painting in one or more rooms to brighten up your home and make the colors look fresh and vibrant. You may need to deep clean your carpets. Or, if they look worn or stained, you should spend the money to have them replaced. Your kitchen and bathrooms absolutely sell a home and so you’ll want to do everything possible to make these rooms shine. This may mean you need to clean the grout and tile work or replace tiles, you might replace your cabinet hardware, add good mirrors and update the lighting

Strategy #2—Sell Your Lawrence Home With Pictures and Videos

When trying to sell your home in Lawrence to a motivated home buyer, the old adage that “a picture is worth 1000 words” is never truer than now. Once you’ve done any updating and cleaning and painting you will want to have professional photos taken of every area of your home.

Sell My House Fast In Lawrence MA

Once again you need to consider the competition you have with other people trying to sell their Lawrence houses. If you can afford it, a professional photographer is going to be your best choice by far. Lighting and presentation mean everything in photos and these professionals are able to do it so much more effectively than the average homeowner. You can find these real estate photographers through listings on Craigslist or other local bulletin board-type sites.

Work with the photographer to accent the best pieces of your house. You want people to look at it online and say we have to go visit this property I want to live there! As good as still images are if you can have a professional do a video walk-through of your house you are even more likely to generate leads from potential home buyers in Lawrence. Essentially, buyers can see the property as if they were walking through it by watching your video. There’s little doubt that professional photos and videos will spark the interest you need to sell your Lawrence house quickly for an excellent price.

Strategy #3—Sell Your Lawrence Home On Social Media

You can’t possibly sell your Lawrence house quickly without hundreds if not thousands of people knowing that it is actually up for sale. Luckily today with the ubiquity of social media, you can broadcast the fact that your house is for sale using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. And perhaps the best part of this strategy is that it is free of charge!

Make an announcement that your home is currently for sale. Make sure to include the address and some of the pictures that you’ve made. Then enlist your friends and family’s help by asking them to share these posts to spread the word around. You could even create a photo album or a slideshow to really show off your property. And again, if you did have videos made, you’re able to post these on many of the sites. This will ensure that you get the attention of legitimate Lawrence homebuyers.

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Strategy #4—Price Your Home In Lawrence to Sell Fast

Once you’ve decided to sell your Lawrence property, by far the most important decision you make will be setting a price that will let it sell quickly while still making you the maximum amount of money. Qualified Lawrence home buyers are going to look at the price first and foremost before anything else they may consider in making the choice to buy your house over any other. If your sale price is too high, then buyers will stay away. You may find your house stays on the market for weeks on end with no action. On the other hand, if you price it too low, you’ll get a lot of action to buy it but you may end up leaving money on the table that could’ve been profitable for you. 

Unless you’re extremely familiar with the real estate market in Lawrence you are going to need to do some homework before you set your final asking price. Again, you can use online resources like Realtor.com to see what prices are set for other homes up for sale in your Lawrence neighborhood.

When you set the selling price for your home, it’s key that you remain objective. You know your house very well and may love all of the features in it. But you have to consider that all of those things may not be desirable to a large percentage of quality Lawrence homebuyers.

So, ask yourself this question; “Compared to other houses in Lawrence up for sale right now, what is the best price I can set my home at so that it seems like a good value for a home buyer?” When you set the right price, you absolutely will find the right homebuyer. 

In Conclusion

Once you’ve decided to sell your home in Lawrence, finding the right buyer can be tricky—but it can definitely be done! Overall, the key to your success in selling your home is to look at it through your buyer’s eyes. Always remain objective! Try to make all your decisions based on what will be the benefits to me as a motivated home seller and what will be the most beneficial to a qualified Lawrence homebuyer. 

Before you make a final decision about selling your house in Lawrence we hope you’ll talk with us. Even if you are just looking for information about how a professional cash home buyer works—we’re here to help!

Maybe you’ll want to start where so many people start these days—doing a Google search. Trying typing in phrases like “legitimate cash homebuyers”, “how can I sell my house fast in Lawrence”, or “Who buys Lawrence houses in any condition“.

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