Thinking About Selling Your Andover Home? Ask These Questions First.

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If you’ve come to the decision to sell your house in Andover, it will prove very profitable for you to carefully weigh all your options before you make your final choice about just how the selling process will go. Many home sellers in MA are unaware that working with accredited and experienced homebuyers like Summit Buys Houses can save you time, money and all of the stress that comes along with selling your house. You might have misperceptions about how the process will work. So take a few minutes now to focus in on how the sale of your home to us will work.

We are experienced homebuyers in Andover and can offer a fair cash value for your home. More importantly, we always offer a quick house sale with a stress-free closing. And, our agreement with you is guaranteed using our Profit-Lock™ cash offer

Unlike some of the bigger ‘, we buy houses’ companies our Profit-Lock™ cash offer is locked in when we give it to you. This means you can rest easy knowing it will never change—no games, no renegotiations, or other issues that unscrupulous companies will miraculously find after you’ve accepted their offer. Selling to an established local home buyer like Summit Buys Houses is not new-we’ve been in business for years.  if you’re ready to learn more read on and will give you all the answers

FAQ 1 – Do I have to fix my house up?

The first question most sellers have—particularly if their house is in need of maintenance or some repair is, “Do I need to make repairs before I sell my house?” The answer is emphatically NO! When Summit Buys Houses comes to look at your property, we make an assessment of what repairs will be required. Our Profit-Lock offer takes into account what work is needed and we take on all the expense and risk of making those repairs ourselves after we buy your property. This is one of the main advantages to selling your house to a company like ours. You can walk away without any concerns about raising cash to get repairs done. Also when listing your house with an agent, you have to follow all applicable disclosure rules to make buyers aware of all the problems your house has.

FAQ 2 – How long does it take to close on the sale?

This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from people considering selling their house; “Do I have to wait a long time for the closing?” Again the answer is an emphatical “no” because we are Massachusetts cash house buyers and don’t use a bank. You do not have to wait for any inspections or appraisals or bank approvals before we can buy your house. By working with us your sale is guaranteed and our Profit-Lock Offer ensures you our offer will never change once you’ve accepted it! This is a guaranteed sale with a closing date you choose. Unlike listing with a real estate agent or doing a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) where you’re never quite sure when you will sell your home and how long it will be before your buyer qualifies for a bank loan.

FAQ 3 – Will I get a fair cash offer from you?

Of course, this is an all-important question! Everyone wants to know: “How much can I get to sell my house?”. This is where working with “The Local Guys” is such an advantage! We are always as open with you as possible and always want you to feel comfortable with the cash offer we give you. For this reason, we suggest you check out our how it works section. We’ve taken the time to show you EVERYTHING that is involved in creating a specific cash offer for you. On this page, you’ll find an extremely detailed description of exactly how we come up with an offer for your house. There’s no magic, there’s no smoke and mirrors because we want to be as transparent as possible. It’s important for you to realize we want you to accept our offer. It is in our best interest for you to feel we’ve been fair with you. Why is that? Well consider this; if we do not give you the highest and best offer that we can, then our offer won’t be accepted. And if our offers are never accepted we can’t stay in business! As a result, we work with you to build a “win-win” situation where you get the cash you need in the shortest amount of time and we buy a property that we can clean, repair, and resell. This way we both win. It’s how The Local Guys operate. If you have any doubts, check some of our Better Business Bureau reviews. You’ll see why they’ve given us an A+” rating.

When You Say Sell My House Fast Massachusetts We Are Your Best Choice

FAQ 4 – Do we need to pay for a lawyer or other legal help?

Sell House Fast Andover Massachusetts

Another question we get from home sellers in Andover asks us if they would have to pay for a lawyer. Now it’s important to understand there are always fees associated with selling your house. But in most cases, that’s paid when you close. Also, be aware there are other taxes such as transfer taxes to the State of Massachusetts when you sell any property. If you’ve had the unfortunate event of having any liens or judgments attached to your Andover, MA property, you would of course have to pay those at the closing. Typically there is no need to be concerned with coming up with money or paying any fees before the closing. Because we strive to be as transparent as possible when we give you an offer, we will list all of the typical fees that are have to be paid from your house sale, and depending on the situation, we can even negotiate to pay some of those for you.

FAQ 5 – Do you charge commissions or fees?

This is something a lot of homes sellers in Andover don’t understand. The important thing to realize is there is no cost at all for working with us! We do not charge you any commissions or any fees. We give you an all-cash offer which is exactly the amount of money you’ll receive at the closing to complete the sale of your house. All the fees and costs that are involved in a traditional MLS listing fall by the wayside; you don’t pay any commissions, you don’t pay any fees or other expenses and we put the cash in your hands in 30 days or less.


I hope this gives you a better idea of exactly what is involved in working with a professional home buyer like Summit Buys Houses. We think you should at least consider selling your house in Andover to us. You can skip the hassles of showings, Open Houses, your concerns about large groups of people being in your house and touching surfaces that you have to clean etc. If your house is not in the best of shape that may be the best and most important reason to consider selling to us. We will do all of the repairs and all of the cleaning your Andover home needs after we purchase it from you.

So take some time now read our How It Works section and understand what we can do for you. And our Profit-Lock offer absolutely guarantees that our offer will never change once you have accepted it. You can feel confident that the dollar amount we offer you will be the dollar amount you receive at the closing.

So Exactly How Do I Sell My House in Andover?

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We pay you cash for your Andover house or properties located all over Eastern Massachusetts in towns like Woburn, Fitchburg, Reading and Burlington. So if you’re interested in selling your home—contact us for a quick, confidential, no-obligation cash offer and the best, no-pressure advice. “Summit Buys Houses” is incorporated as Summit RE Group LLC. 

What Is The Best Way To Sell My House?

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