When Selling Your Littleton House, Here’s 5 Signs You Should Sell To A Direct Home Buyer

Sell My House Quickly Littleton MA

If you’ve decided, “It’s time to sell my home in Littleton,” selecting the best way to sell can sometimes be tricky. Because no one else is in the exact same situation as you are right now, you may want to use a real estate agent or decide some other way to sell will work better for you (and possibly be more profitable as well). Before you make that all-important decision about how to sell your property, we suggest you should not overlook selling directly to an experienced and legitimate home buyer.

The fact is, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t know about selling to a trusted professional buyer like Summit Buys Houses. You’re most likely assuming you have to do what is sometimes called a ‘traditional’ real estate listing with the Massachusetts MLS and a real estate agent. But take just a little time now and find out more about selling your house in Littleton to a direct buyer.

It pays to at least clearly understand the facts behind this method of selling your house before you decide whether or not this would serve you better than a more traditional approach using a real estate agent. In the end, your best choice will depend on many factors but it could mean the difference between a long, drawn out wait versus a fast sale and zero stress!

Sign #1-You Hate The Strangers Touring Your Home

I Need To Sell My House Fast Littleton MA

Does the thought of showings and open houses turn you off? If it does, selling your house to a direct buyer would be a distinct benefit to you over using a real estate agent. The simple fact is dozens and dozens of strangers will be wandering through your house at all times of the week. In addition, on the weekends you may need to simply leave your Littleton home and find someplace to spend all of Saturday and Sunday while your real estate agent holds Open Houses where anyone who drives by can walk right in and poke around in your house everywhere they want . In addition to this your real estate agent will have your property posted on the Internet and so the photos of every room in your house and all the possessions you have in them will be available for all to see. If all of that does not sound like your cup of tea you are not alone.

Because we buy houses in Littleton so often, many of the folks we have purchased houses from tell us that being able to sell their property fast by simply meeting with one party who takes care of everything was a big, massive relief! Selling this way made them feel so much secure than waiting weeks while dozens of people poked around in every corner of their house at all times of day and night.

Sign #2-You House Is Out Of Style

If the style of your home in Littleton is somewhat outdated or the perhaps house needs a significant number of repairs and maintenance, you should consider selling the house to a direct buyer instead of hiring an agent. You might ask, “Well why is that?”

As a whole, the Massachusetts real estate market has been extremely competitive since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. As a result, buyers are extremely choosy about the requirements of a house they want to purchase. If your house doesn’t measure up to all the others they are looking at, buyers will simply move on to the next listing. Some of the things current house hunters are looking for will include; modern wiring with USB charging options, smart thermostats, locks and lighting, a space for a home office and even for children’s classrooms. Outside buyers want a private, comfortable yard with amenities like a hot tub or a pool. 

We Buy Littleton Houses Fast

Unfortunately, if your house doesn’t measure up to this, it means your property will stay on the market for a very long time because no one will be interested in purchasing a house that needs so much to be changed. And the problem can get worse if you don’t have money in savings that you can spend to get significant renovations and updates made well before your list your house for sale.

Sign #3—Your Home Needs Repairs

As touched on above, if your house needs a significant number of repairs and you’re worried that it would not pass a property inspection—you should absolutely consider selling your house in Littleton to a direct buyer and eliminate the process of listing with a real estate agent. If you hate to admit it but your house is in less than pristine condition, it will sit unsold on the market for a long time—usually 3 or 4 months! What’s worse, any offers you do get will be insultingly low because of all the work that is required before your buyer can move in.

However, if you sell to Summit Buys Houses, you can leave the worries about finding a contractor who actually shows up until the job is completed behind. Even better, you won’t have to live in a construction zone with dust and plastic and noise while the repairs are getting done. We are dedicated to revitalizing Littleton neighborhoods. We have purchased Littleton houses in Town Center and the Littleton Common areas and proud to say we are boosting the local economy by keeping carpenters, masons, plumbers and all other renovation professionals busy by updating residential property like your Littleton house. 

Sign #4—You Need To Control When The House Sale Is Finalized

It’s always surprising to learn that very few people understand that once you list your house with a real estate agent, you will have virtually no control over when the house will be sold or when the closing date will occur. The reason for this is because your buyer will most likely be using a bank or other mortgage lender to obtain a loan to complete the house purchase. As a result, that lender will have complete control! You have to sit idly by and wait for an approval of all the paperwork. You will wait while your buyer gets credit checks and qualifies for the loan, a whole-house property inspection is completed, and an appraisal is done on your house. Only then will the bank’s lawyers finally say all of the paperwork is in order and a closing can take place.

Selling your Littleton house to a direct buyer is the complete opposite of all that uncertainty! Direct buyers use their own cash so you never have to worry about them getting credit checks or being turned down for a loan. Direct buyers are willing to do any and all repairs and cleaning on your property and as a result do not have any inspection contingencies. 

We buy houses in Littleton for cash and do it fast! So, you stay in complete control by telling Summit Buys Houses the day and the time that you want to close. Even if it’s just 10 days from now we’re ready to go! You stay in complete control and dictate exactly when the closing takes place and when the cash is put in your hands. Our happy clients always tell us what a relief it is to know a guaranteed sale is just around the corner.

Sign #5—You Want To Avoid Commissions and Listing Expenses

Suppose you just cannot bring yourself to pay an excessive commission or worry about all of the fees and costs of listing, such as marketing, photography, and staging and handling the paperwork yourself. This points towards your selling your Littleton house to a direct buyer as a better solution than hiring an agent. 

We Pay Cash For Houses Littleton MA

Have you actually sat and worked out the math to find out how much commission you are going to pay to a real estate agent? Surprisingly very few people think about this ahead of time. If you sell your Littleton house for a $400,000 sale price, this means $24,000 will be deducted directly from your account before a sale can be finalized. If you think you could make more money by avoiding paying that type of commission and the other closing costs that come with it you should definitely consider selling your Littleton property to a direct buyer.

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With a direct sale, you skip all of the costs and fanfare that goes with listing a home, and you get your fair offer all in one fell swoop. Saving you money on prepping to sell, not making any upgrades or repairs, or holding on waiting for buyers that never come is how a direct buyer like those at Summit Buys Houses saves you time and money.

Have we changed your mind about selling your house with a real estate agent? Perhaps we have. At the very least, by reading through this article you have more clearly understood what the advantages of a direct sale would be for you.

Are you ready to sell your house in Littleton now? You really should give us a call. The number 1 thing we like about our job is meeting homeowners like you. We honestly enjoy speaking with them, learning more about them and their family and working to find the best possible way to sell their Littleton home. When we give you a cash offer, there is absolutely no obligation for you to say yes and accept our offer. Best of all, there is no cost to you to get an order offer from us—it’s 100% free and no obligation of any kind. Sounds like you don’t have much to lose by getting in touch with us—am I right?

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Selling your Littleton to a direct buyer is the best choice when you want to save time and money. Call Summit Buys Houses at (978) 254-3800 or send us a message today!

We are experienced and trusted Littleton Massachusetts home buyers with a number of satisfied clients in Littleton Common and East Littleton. We also buy houses in places like Lowell, Woburn, Fitchburg Burlington and Chelmsford to name just a few. So, if you’re interested in selling your home anywhere in the Middlesex, Essex and Worcester counties of Massachusetts—contact us for a quick, confidential, no obligation cash offer and the best, no-pressure advice. “Summit Buys Houses” is incorporated as Summit RE Group LLC.

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