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We buy houses in Framingham Massachusetts. Almost all property owners consider using the traditional real estate listing when they are ready to sell their house in Framingham. In today’s post, we encourage you to take a little time to consider another option. Everyone’s situation is very different and we think when you consider the benefits of selling to a professional cash home buyer like Summit Buys Houses, you just may decide this truly is a better way to get your house sold without the pain and waiting that comes with a listing with an agent. Read a little bit more now before you make that final choice about how to sell your Framingham property.

Reason #1 – Cash Home Buyers In Framingham Can Close When You’re Ready

Let’s talk for just a minute about the timeline of a traditional MLS listing with a realtor. Once you have prepared your house by cleaning, removing all unwanted contents, and doing all repairs and updates needed a realtor will have pictures taken and place your listing on the MLS. Then at least a few weeks will pass while all the local realtors bring potential buyers to your house. That’s a good thing right? When not when their visits are scheduled at all times of the day and week.

When you are lucky enough to find a buyer who makes an offer on your house that you accept, it then takes about six weeks for that buyer and their lender to put all the property inspection, appraisals, and other paperwork together before they can actually get the loan to buy your house. As a result, it usually takes 2 to 3 months from the time you list your house until you actually have the cash in your hands at the closing. 

On the other hand, when you sell your Framingham house to a trusted cash home buyer, there are no visits from realtors and their picky buyers. We are the only folks who look at your home and walk through it once or twice. We will then make you an offer that is “all cash”. This means we are not using a bank, so you don’t have to wait for appraisals or property inspections and you don’t have to worry about us being credit-worthy and qualifying for a loan.

What does all this mean? It means we can give you cash at the closing table in as little as 10 days if you’re really in a hurry. Or if you’d rather wait six months while you get ready to move we can do that as well. You always stay in control of the closing process and you get the cash on the day that you want. From many Framingham home sellers, this truly is a better choice. They don’t have to wait around they don’t have to clean or repair their house and maybe most importantly they don’t have to pay a 6% commission to the realtor.

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Reason #2 -An Experienced Cash Home Buyer Eliminates All Your Seller Headaches

One of the biggest problems our Framingham home sellers have told us about is having realtors ask them to do all types of cleaning, repairs, and updates before the house can be put up for sale. Most realtors will make “recommendations” about what updates and repairs you should make to your home before they will consider working with you. And they’d like you to do these as quickly as possible so they could place your house on the market.

Bottom line? This brings you a whole set of headaches when you deal with contractors, painters, and other home professionals. Not to mention the amount of money you will have to take directly out of your own pocket before a listing even begins!

Any experienced and trusted professional homebuyer will eliminate these headaches for you immediately! The big reason they can do this is they buy your house as is, which means when they come to visit, they look at the house, they quickly estimate what repairs they will do and what cleaning needs to be done. And they expect to do that for you after they buy the house from you. So, you’ve automatically eliminated all of those headaches by selling your house in as-is condition.

And here at Summit Buys Houses, because we’ve worked with so many Framingham real estate-related professionals over the years, we can take other things off your plate as well. For example, we can refer you to an inexpensive but dependable mover, we can refer you to excellent places to rent a new home and, if you’re looking to buy another house, we can even recommend some properties you may like to purchase. Talk about a one-stop shop!

Because we have so much experience buying houses for cash in Framingham, we can provide you with all types of helpful recommendations while eliminating all the cleaning and repair problems you will experience if you are listed with a realtor.

Reason #3 -A Legitimate Cash Home Buyer Simplifies The home Sale Process

Sell My House Framingham

Most Framingham homeowners who want to sell their house are typically looking for a new property to move into at the same time. This can be a massive headache! You need to coordinate the sale of your existing house with the move into the new house, which will include moving your entire home contents out and into a new place.

And you can’t plan on moving to the new house until you know your existing home has been sold. And if you list your home for sale with a realtor there is never a set date for the closing of the house. The buyers’ lender is the one who dictates when the home can be sold, you don’t have any say in the matter.

On the other hand, a professional buyer allows you to set the date that you want to close on your existing property. As a result, that transition from your old house to your new living quarters is a smooth and coordinated effort.

Reason #4 -Professional Home Buyers Only Focus On What Works Best For You

We would never be ones to say that listing with a realtor is a bad idea. But the most critical thing to understand is an MLS listing just doesn’t work for everybody at all times. Your current situation is completely unique. Keep in mind that an active and successful real estate agent may have as many as five or more homes up for sale at the same time. This means they will be dividing the attention they give to you, with the attention they give to those other four or five sellers. So the bottom line is you normally just don’t get all of their best efforts every day of the week.

On the other hand, a professional home buyer like Summit Buys Houses is always focused on what works best for you when you’re ready to sell your Framingham house. We allow you to leave behind anything you don’t want to take, we don’t ask you to make any repairs, we’re never going to base our deal on an appraisal and probably most importantly you tell us exactly when you want to close and move away. All of the focus we put on the sale of your Framingham house is centered on what works best for you!


When it comes time to sell your house in Framingham, you have a lot to think about! And it’s important that you weigh all the pros and cons of each possibility so you can sell successfully and with as little stress as possible.

For a home seller whose property is in showroom condition, and they are not in any rush to sell listing with a real estate agent could very well be the best option. On the other hand, if your property needs any type of work or for some reason, you need to sell on a certain date using a professional and experienced homebuyer like Summit Buys Houses is definitely worth consideration.

Why not give us a call today? There is never any obligation or high-pressure sales tactics—we truly want to learn about you and your situation and find a way to give you a written cash offer to buy your home.

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