Selling Your House for Cash in Lowell? Ask These 4 Questions First.

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If you’ve been thinking about selling your house for cash in Lowell, and want a fast sale, you may be tempted to start counting your profits. But before you count your chickens as they say, you really need to take a few breaths and learn a little bit about selling your house for cash. There is a very real difference between selling your house to a completely unknown and (most likely) inexperienced buyer who comes to you, in comparison to selling your house for cash to a professional and experienced homebuyer.

Not understanding these differences will most definitely cost you money in the long run. We like to say” knowledge is power” and this is another situation where the more you understand—the more likely you are to profit when you sell your Lowell house for cash. After you have Googled “Who Buys Houses In Lowell”, don’t assume all the listings you see are the same. They are not equal in many important ways! In this post will give you some important considerations and questions to ask that you should take into account before you decide who to sell you Lowell property to.

Question 1—Who Is My Buyer?

At first glance an all cash offer may seem very appealing when you want to sell your house quickly. But you need to take into consideration what is behind that offer that you’re looking at? You may expect a fast sale and all types of profit but we suggest you proceed cautiously and find out all you can about the buyer that’s in front of you.

With the proliferation of all the home flipping shows on HGTV and DYI Network, many novices with little experience or understanding may come to you and blindly make you an cash offer for your house. Because they have not taken time to educate themselves and understand the market in Lowell their offer may be very unrealistic. Even worse they may not actually have the funds that are necessary to complete the sale. 

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We’ve heard many stories of seller is excepting a cash offer and then after waiting 5 to 8 weeks find out that their buyer has no money to complete the sale. Or the buyer grossly overestimated the value of your house and their offer is completely unrealistic so they are unable to secure money to actually buy the house. To protect yourself from situations like this, one of the first things you should ask for is a proof of funds. You may also ask them how many properties they’ve purchased before and how soon would they be ready to close on a deal with you.

Question 2—Can This Be The Wrong Buyer?

These inexperienced buyers have stars in their eyes and are looking for a quick turnaround and want to make money at your expense. They will typically have no interest in what you actually need to accomplish when you sell your house for cash in Lowell. 

On the other hand when a professional home buyer meets with a seller like you who are looking for a cash sale on the Lowell house, they will take the time to listen to exactly where you are now and what exactly do you hope to accomplish when they sell their house. 

Do you need help cleaning out the house? Maybe you need extra time before you move so that your children can finish the school year? These and many other questions like that are the ones that professional buyers will ask you because again they’re more interested in solving your problem then they are in making a quick buck off of you. If you would like to hear a little bit about how we’ve helped sellers,We have a number of videos that talk about experiences we’ve had. Take the time to listen to one at this link

Question 3—Can They Close On Time?

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By far the biggest problem we have heard from our sellers in Lowell is how they have lost precious time and had to pay extra costs because an inexperienced buyer could not close the sale of their house on the day and time they promised. Because they aren’t prepared for a sale these “cash buyers” will create delays, ask for extensions and miss important deadlines because they have very little idea of what steps are involved all the way along the road and how a house sale is effectively managed.

Question 4—Who Buys Houses As-Is? Is Their Offer Really The Best?

One of the most common reasons people in Lowell want to sell their house for cash is because it needs quite a bit of work or simply hasn’t had the appropriate amount of maintenance and cleaning over the past few years or so. So who buys houses as-is? A professional home buyer has no problem purchasing a house like this when you sell for cash in Lowell. The main reason they can do this (even in as little as 10 days ) is because once again—they have experience renovating houses and have contractors waiting to do the work. Perhaps most importantly, they understand what work needs to be done and can make a very realistic estimate on the cost of the repairs needed.

On the other hand, these new “do-it-yourselfers” have no idea  of costs and almost always under estimate the repairs and cleaning for a house. As a result, when they do get a realistic idea of those costs, they realize they have offered you far too much money for the house and will do everything they can to wiggle out of the deal. 

This is one of the worst case scenarios for you as a cash seller in Lowell. This means you may wait two months thinking a sale was ready to go only to find out in the end that the seller the buyer has reneged on his deal. This leaves you “holding the bag” and having to pay all of the closing costs holding costs for taxes, mortgage pays ents and insurance while you wait for a new deal to be struck.

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Once you’ve decided to sell your Lowell house for cash, make sure you do some homework. Agreeing to a sale with a novice “wanna-be” buyer almost always comes back to bite you right where it hurts the most—in the pocketbook. You need to know how qualified your cash buyer is, be sure they have the funds ready and available to complete the sale of your house in cash, and have the ability to close exactly when they have promised you to finish the sale.

Maybe the idea of selling your house in Lowell for cash sounds pretty good to you. Did you know you can do that in just a few days from now? When you work with our team here at Summit Buys Houses, you can honestly do that! We are the most experienced company that buys houses with cash in Lowell. And rest assured, we buy houses in any condition and are fully prepared with cash in hand when you tell us it’s time to complete the sale.

It’s important to realize selling that quickly has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in mortgage payments, taxes, utilities and insurance. Not to mention the tens of thousands you save by not paying a real estate agent. Sell your house in the MA area now! Let our team assist you when you need to sell a property in Lowell, MA!

We are more than happy to meet with you listen to what your situation is right now and try to structure the best deal possible that gives you the most cash and closes and on the house when you want us to. Because we are the highest rated home buyer in Lowell MA, and would love a chance to learn about you and your property. By this time next week, we can complete the sale of your Lowell house if that’s what you want to do.

There’s never any cost or obligation to get a cash offer from us. Why not contact our team today? We can visit with you, lay out very carefully what your options for selling your house are, and then give you our absolute highest and best offer for your Lowell property.

We will never pressure you to say yes to our offer and may even be able to give you.

We truly make a home sale simple! Send us a message or call (978) 254-3800 today!

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