Why Should I Sell My Chelmsford Home As-Is? Here Are The 5 Top Reasons.

Sell my house fast Chelmsford Massachusetts

Has the idea of selling your home in Chelmsford got you stressed out? If it happens that your house needs any number of updates, painting, remodeling, or even a complete renovation from roof to basement, hiring a real estate agent to list your house on the Massachusetts MLS is likely to cause more problems than it will solve. And it’s very unlikely you will get a fair price since buyers are so fussy about the condition of homes they look at.

Or you just may be one of those Chelmsford homeowners who are not ready to deal with the Open Houses, showings, negotiations, and waiting while your potential buyers have to do property inspections, credit checks, and appraisals in order to qualify for a home mortgage to complete the purchase of your house.

In either of these circumstances, selling your home as is to an experienced home buyer could be a much quicker and more comfortable way to sell your house. If you’ve ever thought, “I want to sell my house fast in Chelmsford”, this article will shed some light for you. Read on as we give you some important details about the top five reasons you should consider selling your house as-is in Chelmsford, MA.

Reason #1—You Save Money

Experienced cash homebuyers Chelmsford Massachusetts

Let’s face it in most cases, prepping your home for a sale means getting your house into showroom condition. And inevitably this is going to cost you money. You may have to de-clutter the entire house, hire cleaning crews and even bring contractors into the picture to make the necessary upgrades. All of these things require you to take money out of your pocket before the property goes up for sale. If you list a home that’s not in great condition, usually it will lead to extremely lowball offers from bargain hunters who are looking for deep discounts.

On the other hand, if you sell your Chelmsford home to an experienced, professional buyer you won’t have to worry about any of this cleaning, cosmetic fix-up, or updating. We give you an all-cash offer on your home, and it takes into account the current condition. We never require you to make any changes or spend any money before we purchase your house. In the end, most customers who work with Summit Buys Houses and have been in that situation tell us; “it just isn’t worth the trouble, the stress, or the time” it took to try and sell on the MLS.

Reason #2—You Save Time

There could be any number of reasons why you simply don’t want to wait 4 to 6 months to complete the sale of your home in Chelmsford. For example, you may have already found another house that you had to make an offer on and you cannot afford to carry mortgage payments on two houses at the same time. Or maybe you’ve relocated and will no longer be near your house while it’s up for sale.

No matter what your reason is, selling your house as it is to a direct buyer takes as little as 10 days (if that’s what works best for you). This means you cut back on the number of mortgage payments, property taxes and utilities you have to pay. It’s likely this adds up to thousands of dollars you keep in your own wallet! And let’s face it, knowing that your house will be sold in just a few weeks’ time can make it much easier to sleep at night. How can you put a price on eliminating the stress that selling a house normally brings?

Sell my house fastChelmsford

Reason #3—You Do No Repairs

If your Chelmsford house has had a history of repair problems or you just haven’t been able to pay for the upkeep of the house, a traditional MLS listing could bring a big set of headaches. Every buyer a real estate agent brings to you will require a property inspection to be done by an experienced, qualified home inspector. Whatever problems that inspection might reveal could create a whole new set of issues that require you to spend time and money to fix before a sale would be finalized.

This just may be the #1 reason our home sellers are glad to do business with us! Because we buy houses in Massachusetts for cash, we will never ask you to do any repairs or cleaning. Over and over our clients tell us how relieved they were once they had accepted cash for their Massachusetts house. Read a few testimonials and see how well it worked for them.

Reason #4—You Pay No Commissions

We Buy Homes Cash In Chelmsford Mass

Before they make the costly decision to hire a real estate agent to sell their house in Chelmsford, it’s surprising how few people actually take the time to calculate out exactly how much real estate commissions will cost them. Let’s do some quick math! (I promise it’s very easy.) As of this writing, the median home price in Chelmsford is about $525,000. This is for the sale of a home that is in perfect condition and ready to go with no needed work. The real estate commission on the sale of this $525,000 house is $32,100! (525,000 X .06=32,100) Yes that right, before you can collect any cash at the closing table, they will deduct $32,000 in commissions from your proceeds.

As opposed to that, selling to the direct buyer leaves you with no surprises or hidden fees. We buy Chelmsford houses for cash so no banks or inspectors slow the process down. The cash offer that we write for you is the amount you receive at the close of your sale.

Reason #5—No One Backs Out After 6 Weeks

As a home seller in Chelmsford, virtually all traditional buyers a real estate agent will bring to you will insist on contingencies being written into the offer they give you. These contingencies give them the option of backing out of the deal should they find problems with your property they consider unacceptable. In addition, most buyers will insist on having a financing contingency written into the offer they present to you. This gives them the legal right to walk away from their commitment to you if for any reason they’re unable to qualify for a mortgage with the lender of their choice.

When you sell your Chelmsford house as-is to a professional buyer like Summit Buys Houses you are guaranteed to close on the date that you choose. Our offer to you never contains inspection contingencies or financing contingencies. As experienced buyers with years of doing business in Chelmsford, we understand the risks that are involved and are willing to take those risks when we buy your property in as-is condition. You have that in writing so there is no guesswork or potential for your sale to be canceled for any reason after you have accepted our offer to purchase


After reading through the top 5 reasons to sell your property in Chelmsford no matter what kind of condition it is in right now, we hope you’ll agree— it is honestly possible to once and for all get rid of the stress of selling a junky house brings and move on to a new, fresh start.

A direct sale to Summit Buys Houses means you are guaranteed that your property sale won’t fall through! We buy homes as-is and can close fast because we buy houses for cash in Chelmsford! Just set the closing date that works best for you and leave everything else behind. You don’t even need to clean. Summit Buys Houses will make an offer you agree is fair for your home. We make the process easy, which is the best reason to sell your house as-is in Chelmsford Massachusetts. 

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