Before You Sell Your House in Chelmsford, MA—6 Things You Need To Know

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If you hope to sell your house in Chelmsford Massachusetts right now, what has changed since the COVID-19 crisis began? Please read on and become better prepared to sell your house during this confusing time. And remember if you’d rather simplify the process and get a fast cash offer, Summit Buys Houses in Chelmsford MA!

Since March of 2020, we have been living through an extremely unique and troubling event in human history. To say that these are unpredictable times surely is an understatement! If you want to sell your house, most likely you’re apprehensive about what lies ahead during this period. You may be reluctant about entering the real estate market. If you’re feeling a bit lost about how to proceed, you just might find the following 6 things you should know about selling your home in Chelmsford during the coronavirus pandemic very helpful.

Is This The Right Time To Sell in Chelmsford?

One of the first things you should consider about selling in Chelmsford during the coronavirus is whether or not you have the option to delay your move for at least a few months. You’ll want to be aware that there could be a perception that as the seller, you must be under some type of economic or legal pressure and being forced to sell right now. Although this may not be true at all, it has the potential of driving negotiations against you and towards an overall lower final purchase price. Conversely, you should also know some buyers might need to make their move quickly in Chelmsford during the coronavirus. This could be due to changes in employment, be it either a move down or up, or due to personal issues such as caring for a family member in another location or any number of other reasons. This may help you get a higher purchase price if you sell your home now.

Your First Priority Has To Be Safety

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The major priority you should be aware of when selling in Chelmsford, MA during coronavirus is how to keep you and your family absolutely safe throughout the entire selling process. It’s frightening to think that someone walking through your home could endanger you or your family members. Be very clear with your Chelmsford real estate agent what steps will be taken in order to prevent someone wandering through your living space while showing signs of illness or a fever. You can prevent unnecessary contamination of common household surfaces during showings by requesting that your agent be the only person who touches any surface. Many times agents from other local Massachusetts real estate offices will be the ones showing potential buyers your property. Make sure your agent conveys ALL your safety requests to every other agent who will visit. You can also ask that everyone entering your house wear protective face masks and perhaps even gloves and disposable shoe coverings. You’ll want your agent or another responsible party to wipe down or spray any surface they or their clients may have inadvertently touched while they were inside your house.

Setting Some Limits on Visitations

Something else you should think about before selling your Chelmsford house during the pandemic is that many sellers are now requesting that only the agent they’ve hired be the only one to provide tours of your home to prospective buyers. If this can’t be possible, another way to keep a low total on the number of people who’ve actually been inside your house during the entire process is to ask that only two people be allowed per showing. While often the buyer’s agent is not in favor of this arrangement, most everyone agrees that special allowances must be made at this time. 

Your Buyer’s Financing 

Massachusetts home sales have made a noticeable jump since July. One factor may be that as buyers are spending more time at home due to COVID-19, they are searching for more comfortable surroundings. Due to changes in the economy brought on by these circumstances, getting credit has been widely affected across all economic classes of the market. This means that less of the population will meet the standards that are required by most traditional banks that issue mortgages. For this reason, it’s important that you are absolutely certain how credit-worthy a buyer for your house is before you agree to sell your Chelmsford house during the coronavirus. If you are able, being open to creative financing options could open up the potential playing field for finding the right buyer.

A Vacant House May Be More Desirable

You should know there is value in the fact that a home has been sitting empty for those who are buying a house in Chelmsford during coronavirus. Having a quarantine period of at least two weeks can alleviate a buyer’s concerns about disinfecting every nook and cranny of a home before moving in. Most people are asking for at least a 30-day vacancy to be extra safe.  

Can You Leverage Technology To Sell Your Chelmsford House?

Given the access we all have to technology today, you’ll also want to be aware of everything that is possible about finding a pool of potential buyers when buying and selling in Chelmsford. For the tech-savvy who want to consider selling on their own, it may look easy. But you have to be certain that you keep within all of the local, state, and federal laws that govern real estate transactions. Much like any qualified Massachusetts real estate agent would do, you’ll need to investigate and screen exactly who you’re accepting an Offer to Purchase from. Likewise, you’ll need to go into the process with your eyes wide open to the possibility of online scams. Before finalizing anything and signing on the bottom line, you’ll want to meet face-to-face with the players in your deal and do very careful research of their ability to pay you in full. Most often, traditional buyers pay you by financing their purchase with a lender issuing conventional mortgage loans. 


The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything in our lives! And this includes big life events like selling your Chelmsford, MA house. It is still very possible to do this, but education will be your biggest ally. Make sure you understand all the steps involved from prepping, repairing and cleaning before you sell all the way through showing your house to potential buyers and understanding the legal forms you will need to sign.

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