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Sell My House Lowell Massachusetts

Maybe you’ve been thinking about selling your house in Lowell for some time now. But you realize that it needs quite a bit of work and you’re not sure what your next steps should be. In fact, you may be a bit overwhelmed when trying to sort out what your best choices are. If you don’t have the time or the money to make repairs before you sell your home, you’ll want to read through this article.  We’re going to provide you with five excellent tips you can utilize to sell your Lowell Massachusetts house fast—in any condition—even if it needs all kinds of repairs.

Tip #1— Sell Your House “As-Is” 

If you decide to list your property in Lowell with a local real estate agent, you can ask them to list the property as “As-Is”. This tells any potential buyers that you won’t be making any repairs on the property before you sell it and they will be responsible for buying the house in the condition they currently see. You have to keep in mind that when you say “as is” you’re also telling potential buyers that one or more things are wrong with the property. Because of that, you will have a much smaller group of interested buyers who would be looking to repair your house after they buy it. Most “traditional” family buyers, particularly those with children, simply will not be interested in buying your house in any condition. 

Tip #2—Identify Your House’s Problem Spots

We’d like to offer a second tip that will not only help you protect yourself but also show potential buyers that you are being upfront with them when it comes to the condition of your Lowell house. You could make a list of all the problems with the house you know of and disclose those to your buyers.

If you can have a property inspection completed and then make a set of disclosures available to potential buyers, they will have a much clearer idea of what problems exist and how much it might cost them to repair it when they buy from you. 

Sell My House Fast Lowell Massachusetts

A Teardown Is..

Now there are some properties that are in such bad shape maybe because they’ve been vacant over a long period of time that it’s probably less expensive to tear the entire house down and haul it away as opposed to repairing it. If your Lowell house is that damaged, you should consider selling it for the value of the land it sits on. If you’ve lived in Lowell for any amount of time, you might be aware that there aren’t very many vacant building lots available. If your property has such a great location in Lowell that the building lot is more is worth more than the asking price, selling as-is to teardown may be a good possibility for you.

Tip #3—Do Some Cleaning Up

If your house needs repairs that aren’t too expensive, you may get more money for it by sprucing it up a bit. The damage to the property might not seem so overwhelming if big pieces of it are clean and show pride in ownership. As we mentioned in many other articles, taking the time to paint your Lowell property, maybe putting a few flowers or shrubs in the front and pressure washing the roof and siding can go a long way in making the property more desirable to those hoping to move into your Lowell neighborhood.

By enhancing the curb appeal of your home you can get buyers more enthusiastic about the location because they can see the potential the property has. You do want to be careful however, not to clean up areas that will be torn apart when the needed repairs are made, so decide carefully what will give you the most bang for your buck.

Tip #4—Consider Taking a “Lowball” Offer

If your house really needs extensive repairs and you’re in a hurry to move you may want to consider what is known as a lowball offer. If your listing on the MLS does offer the property as is and you’ve disclosed all the damage you know about you may still receive offers, but you might think that they are a little bit too low. Try not to get insulted and look at each offer carefully and objectively. You have to realize that because of the damage to your property you will probably not receive many offers near the average market value for your section of Lowell, so if you lower your expectations, you just may end up with a suitable buyer.

Tip #5—Sell Directly to A Professional Home Buyer with Knowledge of Lowell’s Neighborhoods

Without a doubt, the easiest way to sell your house in any condition fast for cash is to sell directly to an experienced and professional homebuyer. Almost all of these homebuyers will be willing to buy your house even though it has extensive damage and needs a lot of repairs. 

A huge advantage to going this route when you want to sell your Lowell home is that these buyers will offer you cash for the property. When someone says they’ll give you a “cash offer”, what they really mean is that there are no banks involved in the sale of your house. 

Why is this so important to you? Well, you will completely avoid the worry, waiting and frustrations that home inspections and appraisals will always cause because in this case your buyer is taking all the responsibility for the condition of the property. 

We Buy Houses In Any Condition Lowell

As a result, an all-cash offer allows these buyers to close a sale with you very quickly. For example, Summit Buys Houses often finalizes the sale of a house with a buyer in as little as 21 days! So, if you’re looking to sell your Lowell house fast in as-is condition this could very well be the best choice. We buy houses in any condition and have been doing so for years. 

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Finally, one further advantage to accepting an all-cash offer is that you will eliminate all stress and preparations you would do to prepare your house for the showings and open houses that you will have to endure if you list your property with a Lowell real estate agent. 

So please if you’re looking to sell your house in Lowell fast, realize that Summit Buys Houses will purchase your Lowell property in any condition for cash. And we will do it as quickly as you think you would like to close.

To discuss these and other tips for selling your house with damage in Lowell, Massachusetts give Summit Buys Houses a call at (978) 254-3800 or send us a message now!

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