111. Sell Your House Fast in Massachusetts and Buy a New Home At A Lower Interest Rate

One of the (very few) benefits of the current pandemic is all-time low interest rates. Seriously—when my father bought a house in Lowell in 1949—his interest rate was higher than they are now!

You Can Profit From Low Interest Rates By Selling Your Massachusetts House Fast

Interest rates are so enticingly low at the moment that you might be playing with the idea of selling, so why not take advantage and sell your house fast now? Take a look at this post from Banrate.com—rates have never been this low. You can cash in the equity you have built up and move into a new home that might suit you better. Maybe it has a new kitchen, or is closer to your job? Well, read on to learn how to sell your house fast in Massachusetts and buy a new home at a lower interest rate.

The Price Is Right

One way to sell your house fast in Massachusetts is to set the price at the lowest amount you are actually willing to accept. While it leaves less negotiating space, it can bring buyers to you much more quickly. And if your house is desirable-buyers may bid the price up and you win big because of increased competition. By delaying your home sale in any way now means you run the risk of less savings on a super-low interest rate loan for your new home. After all, these lower interest rates of today simply won’t last forever.

Is Anyone Home?

When listing with an agent, they’ll install a lockbox, so that any realtor with buyers can easily schedule times to walk through your property. Empty homes generally sell faster for one main reason, they are accessible at any time. If you can Arrange to live in temporary housing until sold, is another way to sell your house fast in Massachusetts. This will enable you to move forward with buying your new dream home and lock in your deal at the present low-interest rate. If you can’t afford the luxury of moving until the sale, be prepared to keep your home in perfect showing shape. Additionally, be extremely flexible and allow buyers access to your home quickly for a showing appointment, upon notification of their interest.

Whip It Into Shape!

Make sure your house is clean of any clutter and unnecessary furniture. Almost all buyers have a difficult time picturing themselves living in a home when they are confronted with object after object that identifies the current residents. While it may be costly and/or time-consuming to move and store a chunk of your belongings, by decluttering and depersonalizing, you allow buyers to use their imaginations. The clean open spaces allow for more possibility of them picturing their belongings in the space. It is definitely worth the effort to sell your home as fast as possible, so you can buy a new home at a lower interest rate.

The Stage Is Set…

We cannot overstate the importance of presentation in home sales. Your agent is likely to advise you to stage your home. Quite simply, bringing in furniture and art which highlights the structure of your home. They may also suggest you update paint colors, flooring and make any repairs that are obvious during a walkthrough. Remember you want to promote buyers picturing your home as their own, so the more neutral your colors and decor, the better. You will want to spruce up the outside of your home as well, making it warm and inviting from the street view. All of this can help to sell your house fast in Lowell and can allow you to benefit from the amazingly low-interest rates on mortgage loans for your new home.

Is It Covid-Safe?

Today’s technology offers home sellers not only the chance to show their home to buyers through quality photography but to take advantage of virtual tours. Through this technology, you actually expand your base of potential buyers, removing distance as a barrier to their “walking through” your home. You will want to familiarize yourself with digital technology and the nearly limitless places to advertise real estate. It’s best to seek counsel from someone experienced to guide you towards the best return on your advertising dollar.

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