How Can You Find The Most Reliable and Efficient Lender During This Pandemic?

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Today we’d like to talk to those of you who may be looking to buy a home or want to refinance your existing mortgage. Like everything else in the world, COVID-19 has changed the home-loan world. Picking a reliable and efficient mortgage lender is a vitally important step to stabilizing your long-term financial health.

Taking time to educate yourself and investigate all the options will save you a lot of money over the course of the loan. It’s easy to run the numbers and see that a lower rate and favorable terms can save you $10,000 or more! Do I have your attention yet? Good… take the time to read on. As we always tell our readers, knowledge is power!

So Where Do I Start?

Obtaining a new mortgage involves different factors for each borrower. Because of that, there is no straightforward and easy answer we can give to every one of you. However, how and when to move forward has been on everyone’s mind since the global pandemic started back in November of 2019 and we think we can give you some solid pointers to get started.

It’s been over a year now and we have seen first-hand the up and down market trends that are influenced by factors none of us as mere mortals can control. As you begin your hunt for a mortgage, make sure you are keeping up with the market. That’s why has developed a live document article that is updated weekly with the current mortgage rates on the market and other significant variables that affect it. As we’ve mentioned the editors at are among the leading experts in the United States so use their info and make it this link bible for the most current rates and trends!

Again we repeat—knowledge is power!

Experienced Home Buyers In Massachusetts

The information you can glean from a little homework
will benefit your family’s financial health for years to come.
Think of it as doing a cardio workout throughout the work week.
Your heart is ready for long term success—am I right?
Likewise, if you pay attention to the lending market
and understand the variables, the loan you ultimately
choose sets your finances up for long term success.

All Aboard!

If you are set on the 2021 mortgage train; these are a few tips to make sure that you are set up for success when finding a mortgage lender: 

  1. Be knowledgeable about the different types of mortgage loans and some learn some of the basic terminology. To get a better understanding of what’s the best mortgage for you, it’s important to research reputable online sources and reach out to experts who could lend a helping hand. The more information you’re exposed to, the better.
  1. Customer reviews can help you make good choices! By going online, it’s easy to research customer experience and reputations of the different lenders. This is especially true for first-time buyers; they will need a lender that is willing to assist and help with the mortgage loan process.  
  1. A solid and impeccable reputation for a mortgage lender is important as well. Lenders should be proud of a transparent record and a good reputation can solidify consumers’ trust in them. There are numerous organizations that are dedicated to receiving complaints about lenders and to make sure lenders act according to regulation. One of the most well-known and trustworthy ways to check a lenders’ reputation is the Better Business Bureau. (A bit of a shameless plug here, as you see posted throughout our site, we have an “A+” Rating from the BBB.)
  • Do your math homework! (No worries— is it simple!) In most cases, you won’t just be paying the monthly mortgage; you’ll have other costs such as proper insurance, mortgage insurance, property taxes, and maybe more. It’s important to understand how much your additional expenses are each month on top of the actual mortgage payment. 


Like all truly worthwhile things, it pays to learn all you can and move methodically through a loan process. The majority of people who buy a house will have a mortgage for most of their lifetime, understanding some essential lending terms and doing things right will reap dividends for years to come.

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